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Hi, I am new here on Chalk Bucket. I hope this is the right forum thing!

I am a mom of two lovely DD's that both do gymnastics. Court is in her 3rd year of gymnastics, and she LOVES it! She's in her second year of pre-comp, and her coach said that she is going to put her on the level 4 team group either in the summer, fall or winter.

Liv is in her 4th year of gymnastics, and also has the love for the sport! She is on the level 5 team group, soon to be in the level 6 team group. Liv is the one that Court looks up to...and not just for gymnastics, but for everything! I think it's so cute how the little sister wants to be like the big sister, but Liv thinks it's annoying...which I can understand.

Not really sure what else to say, other than I have to go finish cooking dinner! Maybe talk to you in other forums!

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Mar 15, 2010
Hi! You'll love the CB. There's lots of info here :) From what I have seen, there are a lot of Level 4,5 and 6 parents here, so you'll fit in nicely. By the way, you are in the right forum thingy.


Jan 26, 2010
Welcome. I have two DD's also who do gymnastics too. The big sis has been doing for almost 8 years, and is training level 7. My other DD struggles a lot with this sport, and is still pre-team after 7 years. However, she still loves the sport, and looks up to big sis.



Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2009
Hi and welcome!

I have 2 DDs as well - Katie is 8 (almost 9) and Danielle is 7. Both do gymnastics, but Katie's first love is ballet, so she's sticking with rec gym right now, even though she was invited to train on the team last year. Danielle has competed Level 3, and is now going to move to Level 4.


Apr 9, 2010
Welcome to Chalk Bucket. I have a 6 year old training pre-team. Look forward to reading some of your posts.


Hello and Welcome to CB! I have a Liv too and she's training Level 5. What a coincidence!! Is she orginally an Olivia? Mine is.

Anyways, I look forward to hearing more of your dd's progress in the parent forum.


Thanks for all the welcomes! I am looking forward to getting to share both of my DD's progress on this site, as well as looking in on some of your daughters/sons progress.

starmaker- Wow, that is a coincidence! Yes, her name is originally Olivia. I just love that name!
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