New Season Starts Tomorrow!!

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Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
Alex has her first ever Prep Op (xCel) meet tomorrow! I am very excited for her to show off her new routines! She is kindof nervous (not typical for her).
Good luck to her! Is this her first time with her own routines? Maybe that adds to the nervousness. Though I'm sure it will make for a more interesting meet for everybody (oh, how I long for optionals from purely a spectator's perspective. Maybe that's why so many gyms skip level 6. If the gym starts at level 3 then the parents have had to endure AT LEAST 3 years of compulsories and are about to lose their minds. This is our FIFTH year sitting through compulsory meets and I am so ready to be done!).

Can't wait for the video. Fingers and toes crossed for Alex!
Not open for further replies.