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I've started a new class, called Trends in health and fitness for a lifetime. I absolutely adore it, after only 2 days. It introduces you to fitness crazes and other things you might not be aware of. It also works on nutriotion. Each day, we do band stretches(amazing!). These first days also included taking weight, %body fat, BMI, and sit and reach. WE 've also been doing Tabata, originated in Japan. It involves 20 seconds of and exercise, followed my a ten second rest, performed for several sets. So far we've done it w/sit ups, pushups, andsquat and throw medicine balls. I'm one of those gymnasts who just loves conditioning, so this a dream! I'm looking forward to the rest of the year! Next year, I'll prob end up taking trends 2.
Sounds like a great class. Make sure you share some more new stuff with us as you learn. My wife, Audra, has her degree in health science. I do not have a degree:( and now it's coming back to haunt me. Stay in school and get some sort of post high school education. University or tech school...they're both great options.

Keep enjoying school!;)
Trust me, that won't be a problem. I would like to go to school for a major in genetics or biomedical engineering, with a minor in French. I would love to research in Canada some day, as they have some of the best labs in the world, and so much of the French culture w/o being so far away!
Sounds like you have a plan. We have a company out by our gym, Genentech. They research cancer and other things. It was rated by Money magazine as the top company in the US to work for. Their employees get paid very well with lots of great benefits.
That sounds cool! I actually had no idea what I really wanted to do until a/b halfway through last year in biology. When a lot of other kids were struggling or bored w/dna sequnecing and the passing of gentic diseases, I was in love w/ it. Bio was my new favorite class for those weeks. Then I decided that it was something I would want to spend a lot of my life doing. When I retire though, my best friend and I have already decided that we're going to co-own a Jamba Juice (after she becomes an olympic volleyball player)The volleyball is serious though. She really is an outstanding player.
Oooh. That sounds like a fantastic class. I would love that class. Please share lots of information with us.
My 15 yo daughter also has a great PE class this semester called Total Body Fitness. 1 day/week they have a yoga instructor come in, 2 days the regular PE teacher has them and they do things like dance(jazz), jogging, basic Pilates etc. then the other 2 days are spent with a martial arts instructor learning basic self defense. The class is only for girls. I think its a great way to introduce those that may not be in any sports to activities they may find fun and can get more active. For those who are in sports, they may have never had the time to check some of these other things out. Of course, learning some self defense is a great bonus!
We started tai bo on thursday, but I have block scheduling so I didn't have it again Friday. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I have it first hour!
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