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Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
Hello All,
I have been reading your posts for months now. I have a 11yr. old level 7 gymnast. First I would like to ask a silly question. Everyone seems to know what DD stands for but me. Any info. would be great. I have no experience in gymnastics. My daughter went into a rec. class when she was 7 1/2 and has just bloomed in the gym. She really loves gymnastics and I would love to know more about the sport. Every time she goes to a meet, I think she is great but have no clue what they are judging on. You moms and dads seem very informed. How did you learn? I am going to post a video and would welcome any comments. Maybe ya'll can help me become more informed. Bailey seems very serious about the sport so I guess its time for me to bone up on the sport.

YouTube - Lake Murray Invitational 2009- Bailey, 11yr, Level 7
Welcome to the CB, nice to have you here. DD stands for Dear/Darling Daughter, you might also see DS, DH etc, I have never seen DM though!

Bailey did a great job at her meet.

I think we learn so much from each other, watching videos and seeing the scores. Judges of course are looking for clean tight routines. No bent arms or legs, nice extension etc. YOu are passed the compulsory stage which means that judging is harder, but also that your DD is being judged more on her skills and less on the whole routine.
Hello and welcome to CB!

LOL! So funny! You are not the first person to ask what dd stands for...
It stands for Darling Daughter or Dear Daughter. DH, darling husband DS, darling son etc. When using internet talk many people abbreviate using dd instead of typing out daughter.

I too am pretty new to the whole world of gymnastic and am learning as I go along. I've become a master of Level 2 and 3 and am learning more and more about level 4 since my dd just started training for L4.

I watched your dd video and she looked really good to me but again I am clueless with level 7 (optionals). I am sure someone here can give you better comments on her routines.
I really enjoyed Bailey's video! What a doll!!

My daughter is in L4 so I will not be able to add much that you don't already know. Also, even though I was a daughter is already way more talented than I ever thought I was, lol!

Congrats on a fabulous meet! :)
Hi Pixie,
What a great video. I have just learned to edit video. Your daughter will be so thankful you were able to capture all those wonderful memories. Thanks for the nice comments about Bailey.
Welcome and I loved your video, esp. the caption over that lady's head! I'm not good at editing video's mine are usually posted by events, lol. My just-turned-12 is a Level 8 and my 8 yr old is a 2nd yr Level 5.
Hi Pixie,
What a great video. I have just learned to edit video. Your daughter will be so thankful you were able to capture all those wonderful memories. Thanks for the nice comments about Bailey.
Thank you! We really enjoy making them! I let Pixie help me with them but we cheat. We use One True Media and it already has all the cutsie stuff there you just add them to your video. I would love to learn how to use other editing programs as there are so many things that I'd like to add to the videos but can't because I'm limited with OTM's options.

I agree! I think it's important to capture these meets so she can look back at them and enjoy her childhood memories. My parents never did get my gymnastics and diving meets on film and I'll always regret that since I'm not able to show my children.

Bailey is such a talented little gymnast! I can't wait to see more from her and show Pixe her video!! I subscribed Pixie to Bailey's youtube channel so we'll be ableto see when you add more videos :)
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Welcome to CB:)! Thanks for the video - she did a great job! I love your comment about the lady in the way - - - I said the same thing myself. She looked right at you, and stayed there:confused:!

I have a ten year old daughter in level 5, who is looking very forward to becoming an optional so she can have her own routines:cool:!
You won't believe how much pride they take in their routine once it is created just for them. She has loved being in level 7 and I have had so much fun watching her accomplishments. Do you know if her coach plans to test her out of level 6 or do a year in 6. Good luck with your daughter and enjoy every moment of it.

I have a 10 year old level 7, but have the bonus of being in Canada, so the routines have been personal from day one!

My daughter also started gym at 7, and lives and breaths the sport!

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your daughter's adventures in the gym!

Canadian gym mom
Welcome to the ChalkBucket! I giggled at your video...that lady was clueless!

your dd is so cute! What nice scores for her first L7 meet! If you have questions about specific scores you can ask us or post a question to the judges on the board...

MY DD is a 13 year old L8.. We have been around the block a time or two I guess..

I video all DD's meets but cannot for the life of me get them off my camera and onto my computer!
She is a lovely gymnast and I love the leotard - pink but very classy.
I have a friend who got a deduction for her coach clapping at the side like that when she landed a move on beam. It is considered communicating with your gymnast under FIG rules (apparently). Does that happen in the USA? It seems very mean doesn't it but it was at a national level competition in the UK.
Welcome to CB! I really love the rude lady in your video, classic!

While I'm learning as I go (having not gone beyond level 4 myself), I would say that they probably lowered Maddy's start value on bars, not giving her credit for hitting the right percentage above horizontal that they require. Some judges are very particular on this and will only give it to you if there can absolutely be no question that you hit it. Some will give the credit if you're within range, it's always better to give them no reason to question that. I think it lowers the start value to 8.5, but not sure on that (pretty sure it's a big knock though).

I look forward to seeing Maddy's season. Coincidently, my dd has that leo, lol. I bought it on ebay (probably from someone at your gym), and she likes to wear it when she's cold on sat. morning practices. Small world!
Hi, Welcome to the CB! thanks for sharing your video, me and my DD love to watch the upper level gymnastics! Awesome saves on the beam BTW and I also loved your captions...too funny about the lady standing in front of the video! Can't help you too much with gymnastics knowledge, my DD is moving up to L5 now and there are still many things I didn't even know about L4! There are tons of parents of Level 7's and L 8's here so you should be able to get lots of great advice. I can see why your DD "bloomed" so quickly...she's really good!
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