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I'm a mom and just hired as Health and Wellness Director of our YMCA. We have a gymnastics program that I started years ago and it has basically dwindled down to non-existent. Because of my gymnastics background, I am being given the task of building it back up to a rec program. I would love any ideas or suggestions from coaches and gymnasts! I'm from a very small town in Northern California and my experience is limited to the one gym I trained with. Skill, drills and fun games to keep the kids motivated would be a great addition.

I already read the thread about being the children's "Coach" and not "friend" - I thought that was great as I have felt myself trying to win over my new gymnasts as "one of the gang" rather than as a new Coach to their program. Thank you!

Happy Easter ALL!
welcome ytumbler!

I am not a coach nor a gym owner (just a proud parent:) )... but you may want to look into Patti Komara's Tumblebear programs. I know her programs come highly recommended and are very successful... My dd took rec gym classes at her school since she was a toddler and they were really great. My dd still takes dance at her school, she also has many programs for dance, yoga, cheer etc. for pre-schoolers and for school age. Hope this helps a little.
Thank You

Thanks for the info! I've looked on the internet and their are hundreds of books out there, thank you for getting it narrowed down for me! :) Happy Easter!
Welcome- ytumbler! I hope we can be helpful to you, my husband and I have been working and running a recreational gymnastics facility for 10 years. The coaches thread is a great to ask questions and get new ideas, there are many coaches with different backgrounds. Ask lots of questions? Good Luck and we look forward to hearing about how the program is growing.
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket. What ages are you working with?...preschool, school age, both.

In a rec. program, don't think of gymnastics as gymnastics. It is a foundation sport, movement education. Through a good program and good marketing, you can convince the whole town that anyone who takes gymnastics will be better at whatever they do. In other words...teach your kids to run, jump, throw, and do cartwheels. Don't forget to theme your preschool lessons...colors, numbers, letters, Valentine, money, Christmas, etc.
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