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Hi, I'm new to this forum room. My daughter has been taking gymnastics for 5 years now. She is 8 years old and is on level 5 of competitive gymnastics.

Gymnastics is her passion. We have a practice bar and a beam in our spare bedroom. I can't keep her off of them. I'm really glad to see that she has found a sport she is so passionate about.

Gymnastics isn't really big in our area. It's really hard to find gymnastics stuff and everytime we go to competition we have to travel out of state. We do it though because of her love for the sport.

She is a very shy girl and won't speak to anyone she doesnt' know. But ask her to perform and she is there with bells on.

What I hope to get out of this forum room is some good tips from other parents and maybe offer some of my insite on the world of competitive gymnastics.


Welcome - this a great place for feedback about all sorts of things. Lots of us spend a lot more time in our cars then we ever thought we would because of this sport - but if they really love it, it's worth it :)


That's so nice she has a passion for gymnastics. My girls also have a traning bar and a beam. Can't keep them off! LOL. Oh, and Welcome to CB!:)
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