New to Gymnastics world - question about picking a gym (CA)

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Mar 20, 2019
Hi Everyone!
I don't mean to start off on a controversial note, but I had a question about SoCal gyms. My daughter is 2.5 and in her current gym they're moving her up to the 3yo class. She loves it so I just started researching if she ever wanted to compete in the future, does her gym offer that? They do but it seems like it's not that serious, which lead me to further research and diving into all the articles involving Nasser and how it was handled by USAG. When googling a local gym with a large competitive presence, I found a coach that's under investigation is still coaching, though under provisions. While much of this may never effect us (my daughter may hate gymnastics in the future, not be good enough to compete, whatever), and I'm aware allegations can turn out to be false, the integrity of the gym keeping someone on while still under investigation for abuse concerns me. I'm also fully aware that bad things happen everywhere and we just do the best we can to protect our kids.

I want to pick a gym that she can stay with from now when she's little to grow up and compete if she would like instead of switching around. If anyone has suggestions on reputable gyms in the Riverside/SD county area, I'd appreciate it.
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My daughter started at a similar type of place and eventually the coach there recommended a more serious gym once it was clear that my DD had outgrown the toddler classes and showed an aptitude for excelling in gymnastics.

There is nothing wrong with picking the gym that is most convenient for you. If you don't have to drive an excessive amount or attend classes at inconvenient hours then don't. If it is your child's destiny to be a competitive gymnast it will all work itself out.

I agree with GymDadWA. We started at a gym 6 minutes from the house she had fun, she loved it, she made friends. But this sport change is the norm. Friends retire, friends move on, coaches move on, and athletes need new perspectives. Stay where you are and have fun as she ages you will be confused and feel lost. You being a caring mother will investigate and find the correct path and everything will be work out as it should. Side note if she stays in the sport you will have to go from leading the decision making to more of a following your athletes choices while maintaining your parent overseeing.
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Welcome to CB and the crazy world of gymnastics! At 2.5 years old, gymnastics should be all about fun for your dd and convenience for you - both in time and location. Don't worry about competitiveness of your gym just yet - your dd will not be eligible to compete for several years, so much can change within that amount of time. If she has talent she will rise to the top no matter where she is at and when it's time to make a change, you will know. :)
Thanks everyone! I know much can change. She can grow to hate it, decide she likes something better, etc. I just wanted a gym she could grow in to if that was the route she wanted to continue on. My sister did gymnastics and she grew up with her friends in her gym, with the coaches, etc. I was just hoping to not have to pull her from a gym family she loves in the future if possible if I know there's only so far she could go there in the long run. We're definitely all about fun; if she hated it, we would definitely try something new!
I totally get the desire to just start where she can be for the long haul. But like John mentioned above, so much change will happen anyway. Of the group my dd started gym with, she is the last one still doing it. She has dealt with major loss of teammates every single year. It's just the nature of the sport.

Aside from that, projecting into the future and guessing what your dd's needs will be as a gymnast is a crap shoot. You may start at a great gym with a strong competitive program, but once your dd hits higher levels you discover that she and the coach don't gel. Or her favorite coach leaves and the gym hires a younger, more inexperienced coach. Or any numerous varieties of scenarios. It's impossible to predict. That's why it's encouraged to just go with what's most convenient at this age.

Enjoy that cute 2 year old in a leotard! It goes so fast! :)
I get that. I really do. I guess I was just looking for gym recommendations in the area because I only knew of the two. It's not inconvenient for me to switch gyms and just drive in another direction once a week for a 30 minute class. ‍♀️
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