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Oct 13, 2008
hi!!! im new to chalk bucket and to chat rooms for that matter! I like to talk to other parents coaches etc about gymnastics and training. My daughter is a level 4 soon to be level5 10 year old at a small gym in Ohio. She is super flexable and really strong.:eek: She has only been in the gym about a year and a half, but has progressed really well. We are hoping to go to tops testing in the summer.
Welcome to CB - be sure to join the parent group so you can post in the parent forum - we are currently having lots of fun there !!!

My DD is an 8 yr old L3 soon to be L4 (moving up in January)
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket! Sounds like your daughter is doing awesome. My daughter is level 4 and turning 10 this month. She will also be moving to level 5 after fall competition season. Is your dd competing this year?
Welcome :) My 11 year old dd was a level 7- she has recently decided to cheer for a while. I also have a 10 yo dd and a 6 yo ds who do lots of sports. We like to keep busy around here.
Hi there!

Welcome to the CB. For only a year and a half your child is moving on up! I have 4 girls. A 9 year old in level 7, a 7 year old in level 5, a 5 year old in level 4, and a 3 year old in an advanced pre-school team (one step below pre-team) I hope to see you around!:)
Hi Sogamom and welcome to CB! Sounds like your dd is very talented in the sport. She is progressing really fast. I have two daughters in gymnastics. My oldest is 5 years old and fininshing her L3 season and gettting ready for L4 next fall. My youngest is 4 years old and in advanced rec class.

I think you will find this place full of very nice informative people.
Welcome! I don't think there is one of us that does not love to talk about gymnastics and brag about new skills our DD's or DS's have gotten recently and this is just the place to do it! My DD just turned 6 and will compete in her first level 4 meet next weekend.

It seems like everybody here is busy filming themselves doing something fantastic gymnastics-like and putting it up on the website - the others, like me, are just watching in awe.

Welcome to whichever group you fall into....
Welcome sogamom!! The CB is a great place!! My dd is a 9 yr old (soon to be 10 in Jan.) and a Level 4. This is our first year at gymnastics. She did cheer for 3 years and was a flyer. She is quite a goofball so we will see if she can tone that down a bit when it comes to competition time!!! Glad to have you here!!
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