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I am a parent of a 10 year old, level 8 gymnast in NC. I have alot to learn regarding optional gymnastics. I love watching my daughter perform. She is an awesome gymnast.

Interested in the mental aspect of gymnastics.
Welcome blaymon! I hope the chalk bucket helps you as much as it has helped me :D My daughter is on a pre-team so we are far from optionals, but I know that gymnastics can cause a great deal of stress from so much that I have heard as well as happiness/joy. My goal is to keep my dd healthy/happy in this sport so I am always looking for answers and trying to learn as much as I can... lgcm
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket...tell all your friends. Just ask if you need anything.
Hi, Blaymon!

I'm Kathleen and my daughter is a Level 4. We've only been at this for a year, so I haven't even figured out Compulsories, let alone Optionals!
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