New to teaching toddlers!

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Hello, My name is Michelle...and I just picked up a couple of toddlers classes. Basically ages 2/12 to 4, and I need some new creative activities to keep their attention and to broaden the base of their gymnastics career. I could use any suggestions as far as lesson plans go!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I usually start with some stretching then move on to a circuit. Straddle forward rolls and back rolls on wedge mat. Walks on beam - forward, sideways, backwards, dips, kicks, bunny hops. Have also done arabesque, forward rolls. Handstands ( hands on floor and walk feet up an upright wedge mat ( hold their feet once up and have them tuck their chin and roll out of it. Chin holds on bar.
Assisted pullovers, front support. Tuck, pike, straddle holds. Swinging on bar.
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