New USAG Website Debuts Today!

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After years of working with the super confusing USAG website...their new website will debut tonight. It's hard to say how nice it will be until they "go live" with it, but the beta site looks very promising. The navigation seems to be much improved.


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I think it looks much nicer. I haven't done a lot of navigating yet - but it does look nice!


Here's some free advice for them...

...there are hundreds of USAG sanctioned meets in hundreds of towns all across America, virtually every month of the year. I should be able to go to the USAG front page and find out about any one of them within three or four clicks. And when I say "find out", I mean find out the who-what-when-where-and-how before then meet takes place, and then a full summary and scoring breakdown after the fact - and I mean for everything from a level 4 judge's cup in Alaska to the National Championship. As it is, I usually have the devil's own time finding out where next year's Region XIII championship will take place, much less a club level elite meet in the next state over. Let's hope the update will address some of this. Sorry, don't mean to 'vent'. :rolleyes:
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