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Hi everyone,

My name is Evelyn and I coach gymnastics in Dublin, Ireland. Our club have just recently got set up with a new training facility and we're pretty excited to start increasing our skill level now that we have a place to train more often without having to set up and dismantle equipment every session!!! I have two gymnasts on the Irish National Squad.

Anyway - looking forward to all the helpful advice and technical tips you all may have and of course offering any useful advice I can also.



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Feb 26, 2007
HI Evelyne and welcome to the chalkbucket. We have lots of great coaches on the board including some from the UK, but I think you are our first Irish coach.

Congratualtions on that new facility, I can totally empathise with the put up take down thing, our club did it for years until they finally got a building to call their own. Changes everything doesn't it?

Is the Irish gymnastics system similar to that in England? I have been learning much about that through some of our coaches there. I live in Quebec and our system is quite different to the US and ENgland.

Nice to have you here.
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