Newbie from germany - help at pbars somersault dismount & floor Jump bwd. with ½ t. to roll fwd

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May 21, 2017
Hey guys,

I'm a 23 years old gymnast from germany and I hope I can learn a few things from you guys.
I started gymnastics, when I was 21; I know, its like superlate but I'm trying my best ^^

I'm here because we don have a gymnast-Forum in germany, my coach isn't the best and I'm far away from knowing everything about gymnastics. I hope you can help me.

In 2 weeks there will be a competition in Berlin, translated the "International german gymnastics festival" and it will be my first competition and I'm struggeling a bit. The principle is the same as your levels. The routines are set: I can just decide which one I want to do. The harder the routine, the mope points I get.

Floor: If I could learn a "Jump bwd. with ½ t. to roll fwd." (CdP) I could do a routine with a higher value. But this element just drives me crazy. Everytime I do the 1/2 rotation I feel like I loose all my tension and get pretty unsecure which destroys my roll. I can do the half twist to salto but not to the roll.... any tips or tutorials?

P-Bars: My best aparatus and I'm doing the hardest routine possible in my routine, but I strugle at 2 things:
The dismount has to be a front or back somersault. Thats the only thing I never liked. Never learned the back and my front ist like a 50/50 and does not feel very safe and stable. I found a Video of Nath Comber and I did all the exercises but its still hard. "My coach" cant help me, so im training the dismount alone.

The other thing is I start with the glide kip and after that my backswing has to be 45° over the horizontal. I'm more like just horizontal. I guess I have to work on the technique but maybe you have also an useful tip here :D

First of all thats it. I hope you can help me
after that I guess I will annoy you a litte be more :p

sry for my dubious english and best regards ;-)
Hi Tino,
the Turnfest is all about fun!

This will be your first competition, you might be nervous, there could be different apparatus than what you are used to in your gym, so you could be struggeling even with your „safe“ skills. Take it easy, compete what you are confident in training!
Are you competing P-Routines or LK-Levels? „Chucking“ skills you can't execute properly doesn't pay off in your scores anyway. You might have a higher D-Score, but judges (including me) generally heavily deduct on form and execution and often do not even give credit to or downgrade skills that seem to be unsafe.

And the most important thing is: you just can't coach yourself!

I do absolutely not want to discourage you and I experienced bad coaching myself, so I know what it feels like. Of course you can do a back tuck dismount off the high bar and land on your feet. But there is a big chance that your technique won't be good (closed shoulder angle, not enough height, not “pushing the bar away”, landing too close to the bar,…). Do you have a possibility to train at a gym with qualified coaches (e.g. at a Landesleistungszentrum), maybe at the weekend? I know this might not be what you want to hear, but if you want to progress, you will need proper coaching!

Searching for drills and skills at the internet is actually a good idea to understand the desired shapes and parts of the skill. Just have a look at who is offering the source. There are lots of tutorials of freerunners, cheerleaders and so called coaches that promise to teach a back tuck for example in less than 10 minutes. This is not safe and your form will suffer.

Enjoy the Turnfest and compete what you are familiar with!
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Hello Zayna,
ty for your advice. I know that the "Turnfest" is about fun, but I still want to do the best I can. My Motivation is very high. I compete at P-Routines. At the P-Bars its just the dismount I struggle a bit, but I hope I wont loose a whole point just on the dismount, because the rest of the routine is pretty good and safe.

The Thing with my coach is a big problem. At the beginning it was funny, good and he actually cared about me. He never did gymnastics serious himself, he trained it just for fun. So after a backflip and a "flick-flack" there wasnt much he could teach me. Actually I'm training myself and I know this is pretty bad because I loose way too much time to get my skills and routines in a good shape.
The only thing I can do is to switch the club and I guess I have to do it...

The "Leistungszentrum" in Frankfurt is just 20min away but can I just go there to train? Never thought this would be possible
Hello Tino,
medicore coaching is a common illness hereabouts. :D If you have the possibility to switch to a club with decent coaching do it as soon as possible. If your current coach is any good he will by now have understood that he can't teach you anything new anymore and will want you to progress further. If you're very attached to your current club maybe you can help them develop by offering to coach? But the longer you'll coach yourself the harder it will get to ger rid of the bad habits.
As for training in the LZ it depends a lot on that particular club it's run by. Ours allows the local league teams to train in the evenings but does not offer opportunities for single athletes to train however I know of a few LZ who host some kind of open gym thing every few weeks. It can't hurt for you to cantact the people in Frankfurt and ask them.
Do mind my words though: Good coaching is worth twice as much as good equipment. ;)
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