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Hi everyone,

My name is Marisa, and I have been a long time lurker at this website and finally decided to sign up!. As you can probably tell by my username, I have 7 year old triplets, Leah, Hannah and Matthew who are on the level 5\6 team. A 5 year old daughter Kayla who is on the pre-team\level 4. And 1 year old Olivia in a mommy and me class.

Welcome to CB.

And might I say WOW !! I think your post might just may GymTwinsMom's day !! She currently has 4 in gym. :)

My DD just turned 8. She competing L3 this fall then moving to L4 in January. She has all of her L4 skills and is working on L5. She is also playing soccer (just started and has had only 1 practice).

I think you will enjoy your time here at the CB
:eek::eek: We have a lot to talk about!:D I also have a Leah and a Hannah- DH was right when he said their names are too common LOL. I have twins Leah and Alexis who are a level 6, Abby who is a level 7, and Hannah is on a pre-team. I also have 2 more, who are probably going to find their way into the gym at some point. How can you do it with 5 in the gym? I can barely afford 4, with a family plan! LOL. Welcome to the CB!:)
Welcome :D GymTwin and GymTriplets are definitely kindred spirits in their gym insanity. Must be nice to know you're not alone.
Welcome! I bet your gym LOVES you AND your wallet!!!:D
We have a set of triplets on our gym's team as well...all girls.

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