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Hey, I am interested in gymnastics... though I am still a young teen... Sometimes it is discouraging since... well, I'm athletic, but I'd like to be athletic in the gymnastics field. I am here because I am looking for tips on good things to start with... I can't even do a cartwheel. LOL!


Well, cartwheels and tumbling are good places to start. I'm a 16 year old guy and I just started tumbling classes...its a lotta fun! What other sports do you play? I used to play soccer and run track but i stopped so I could tumble! Welcome to CB too!


It's very cool you're interested in starting up. If possible, I'd try to sign up for a teen or adult class at a nearby gym. Otherwise you could try to find some open gyms or something like that. Handstands are also a basic move to start with. If you do get into a gym, you could work on pullovers on the bars, and just getting comfortable with walking and jumping on beams. I think you could pick up on things pretty quickly if you're athletic.
Aug 26, 2008
Yeah. I was always athletic but didn't start gymnastics until I was 12. I picked up so quickly on the moves because I had good strength that I was able to get to Level 4 pretty quickly. I'm on Level 7 now and in such a short time too. You should try some beginner classes and see how well you do. (A little secret: I can barely do a cartwheel...I learned how to and then forgot...well stopped doing them and now I can't really do them...don't feel discourged! :D)
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