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Jan 26, 2009
Hello to all!! I am new here as a member but have been a visitor "stalker" of this website for quite some time. I finally decided to join to have people to talk to about the wonderful world of gymnastics. I am the proud mother of a just turned 5 year old gymnast who is very advanced for her age. We LOVE gymnastics!!

I have quite a bit of knowledge about the sport because my older daughter did gymnastics until she reached level 8. She got a late start in the sport (11) and that definitely affected her "fear factor".

Anyways, I will be posting because I need advice OFTEN. I look forward to talking to you gym moms who are as crazy about gymnastics as I am!!!

Welcome:)! It seems that there are so few of us from the West Coast here. I look forward to hearing about your dd's progress! Given your past experience, we may be asking you for advice;)!
Hello Gymnutmom! Welcome!

I'm a new member of The Chalk Bucket after lurking for a little while also. My little gymmie is a preschooler as well and, of course, talented! We reside in Southern California; what part of California do you tumble in?
Welcome, welcome!!! Hope to see you on one of the forums soon! Like someone else said, we may be asking you for advice!:)
Hello and Welcome to chalkbucket!! I too am a mother of a talented 5 year old. She is currently training level 4 and will turn six years old in April. I also have a four year in an advanced rec class preparing her for Level 2. She will be five years old in May.

I too am a BIG fan of gymnastics, especially watching my dds do gymnastics. I hope to hear more about your dd's progress etc. Oh and we love pics and vids...!! =)

Good to meet u!! We actually live in the Lakewood (which is near Long Beach) area but we travel to Orange County for gymnastics. We are u located and which gym do you go to?

I have seen your daughter Olivia. Olivia and my daughter Kayla are alot alike. My little one just made 5 in December. We watch her videos on Youtube. ...amazing!!! We will be changing gyms begining in March. The gym she is at is OK but they definitely dont challenge her enough. I will be posting pix and videos once she recovers from her tonsilectomy.... (ouch).
Ahhh poor baby! I hope she recovers quickly. Thank you so much for all your nice comments. We had to switch gyms too because gym#1 tried very hard to find a good fit for Liv but eventually there was nothing they can offer dd that was suitable for her and she became very unhappy with her gymnastics. Now we have been at current gym for a little over a year and she loves it there. And if she's happy then I am happy!!

Good luck on your search for a good gym. I hate making those kinds of decisions. Let it us know if you need any suggestions.
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