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Hello everyone, I'm Alex (short for Alexandra). I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom of five. My 11-year-old daughter Mallory has done gymnastics since age 3 and is trying to attain Level 8 this summer with the goal of making Elite. I'm especially interested in talking to parents who've made special schooling arrangements to accommodate their kids' gymnastics (attending on a partial day schedule to have enough practice time, missing days for competitions), because we're looking at having to do that as soon as next year and we'd like some advice. Thanks, and it's nice to be here!

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Welcome to the chalkbucket. We have a Mom here who is in a similar position. I will edit your title to get her to check out your post. She is great and has a super talented gymmie.

We just finished our first year of alternative schooling. I was surprised how much easier things were once we switched schools. I was home with my other kids so much more. That is not to say that all is perfect :) We still had to make some sacrifices. We do supplement at home with what I feel she lacks in some subjects, but it isn't that bad. It went pretty smoothly for us. My DD just turned 12 and is L8. I believe the plan for her is to go elite---

Feel free to PM me--I would be happy to answer any specific questions :)
Welcome onboard.
We homeschooled for the first time last year and went through K 12.It is basically puplic school.They test your child and put them in the appropriate classes for their abilities.
They sent you all the supplies and for fifth grade she had a teacher overlooking her tests.
She also did the Isats.I was amazed how much she improved her reading.
This program works great for us.
You do have to be consistent though.We started school at 0800 and sometimes it took until 3 pm and sometimes she was done at 1 pm.It depends.Some subjects just go fater than others.
She also took regular breaks.Sometimes really ling breaks.
The reason we homeschooled is because we hardly got to see our daughter anymore with gymnastics and she also went to a morning class.
We really enjoy having her at home and spent more time with her.
It comes in really handy during competition season when you have to miss school.This way you can make it up on a weekend or just try to do more subjects.
No hassle about all the missed days in school.
My daughter competed Level 9 last year and is 11 years old.
Let me know if i can answer any questions.

Thanks bog for your nice comment.
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket.

This site has been a wealth of information for me and a stress reliver too! I am sure you will wonder what you did before you found it!

I have a 13 year old, Beetle, who just finished her 1st Level 8 year. We have worked with her public school to accomidate her gymnastics.

2 years ago my gym started 'Day practice' I called Beetle's Principal and explained to her the situation. I am really

I am lucky that our school was willing to work with us. For the past 2 years Beetle has left school after 5th hour two days a week. They moved her schedule around so she misses 1/2 of her electives, Band and Geography. She did independant study for Health and received credit for phy ed for being at practice.

Of course the #1 rule about this arrangement was that Beetle has to keep her grades up and not fall behind in school. I am proud to say that she made the honor roll all year.

Some of Beetle's other day practice teammates did part public school and part an online school like Hunde2 mentioned, others just did online or traditional home schooling.

I wish your DD best of luck in L8! Let me know if you have any other questions about schooling arrangements
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