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Hi there, I am a newbie in everything gymnastics related.

I have one three year old DD who is just starting her first classes. She's going one morning a week and I'm really hoping she enjoys it and excels.

I was an athlete in high school but I played tennis so I have no gymnastics training experience. I've always loved it though, I'm 27 years old and I remember watching the 1992 Olympics and completely falling in love with gymnastics.

Anyway if there is anything else you want to know, just ask :)
Welcome! I have a 3 year old too (she'll be 4 in Oct) who started in April. She loves it and I bet your daughter will too. I'm still very new to it all (I played tennis in HS too!) but have learned so much here. Welcome to the board. :)
Hi and welcome to CB. This is a great place to learn about gymnastics and to just touch base with people who understand your world ( which changes once they hit team ! ). I think you will enjoy hanging out bythe CB with the rest of us.

My DD started in a preschool class at 5&1/2 and she just turned 9 and will be competing L4 this fall. I also teach preschool classes at the gym and help out with a Rec class and the L3's when she needs me to.
Hello and welcome to CB! I have 6yo gymmie who started gym at 4years old and I too played tennis in HS and always thought my dd would grow up to be a tennis player too but she had her own ideas......she loves loves gym!!!

This is our 3rd season competing and I can't wait for her first L4 competition in Sept.

I too fell in love with gymnastics watching '92 olympics with Dominque Moceanu. She is still my favorite gymnast besides my dd of course!!:D
Not open for further replies.