WAG Newbie to gymnastics and want to learn the splits.

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Aug 27, 2022
I am a newbie and want to do the splits but I don’t know how to go about it. Do any of you gymnasts or anyone have any stretches, tips or advice how to do this? I would love to do the splits and be able to lie on the ground in the splits. Is that something I could do or achieve? I have watched gymnasts do that with ease but I would appreciate any help, stretches or advice if it’s even possible. Do any of you gymnasts have any videos out for beginner splits or anyone want to make one? Is that something I could even do? Please Help. Thanks
I would suggest the "30-day splits" app - it may take more than 30 days, but it's a slow but steady approach with progressively deeper stretches during each workout session. There was also a similar question in the parent forum just a couple of days ago, so maybe check out other suggestions there! Good luck!