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hey my names angela I love gymnastics duhh and volleyball I am competitive in both level 6 gymnastics. I don't even know where to start on this site so any helpfull tips or you know what ever would help a lot thanks.


Hey welcome to chalkbucket. Looks like you figured out how to post so start responding to people's posts! You hsould click User CP and then Group Memberships and join the gymnast group because otherwise you can't post in the gymnast forum. And after you get 5 posts you can use the chat!

So I'm Mike and I just started tumbling, and I think its awesome :) Nice 2 meet u. :D
Aug 26, 2008
Hi! I'm Avrill and I'm a Level 7 gymnast. :) One of the first things you should do is join the "Gymnast" user group, so that everyone can know that you are a gymnast. It's nice to meet you! :)
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