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Apr 3, 2008
Hello Everyone,

I just found this wonderful website and became a new member. My name is Jean, I'm from Ohio. My daughter is 8 yrs old and level 3 gymnast. She will be moving up to level 4. We are working on level 4 routines when we aren't training for competitions. My daughter is trying to get her front hip circle.

Thanks for letting me join this wonderful group.

Jean :)
Jean, Welcome to the chalk bucket. I am a gymnast. I find lots of cool stuff on here for gymnast, and my mom does for parents.
Hi Jean,

Welcome to the Chalk Bucket. We are from NY, my DD is 12 and a Level 6. I remember watching my DD try to do her Front Hip Circle very well :eek:... bars were never her strongest event when she first was a Level 4.

Hi Jean,

welcome to Chalkbucket. My dd is 7, will be 8 this summer. She is a L3, also likely moving to L4. She is also working on front hip circle - she just got her mill circle this week :D - not pretty but it exists now !! has ROBHS on floor already so at least we don't have that hurdle.

this is a great site. I think you will enjoy it. Good luck to your dd in L4
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