News about Mattie Larson's break

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Aug 27, 2006
Ouch! A whole month of practicing and competing on it :eek:

I cant wait to see her at a 100%. Makes you wonder how strong a contender she would have been if she had been totally healthy


I wanted Mattie to be an alternate SO MUCH!!! I didn't hear how she did at the Selection Camp, but now that I read about the leg and how she only did bars... I remember watching a video where she said she may stick around until 2012. I am very excited to see her in the future! I hope Mattie gets better quickly and that this problem will not be nagging her in the future, because that really would be worst case scenario. She must have really wanted to prove her readiness for an Olympic position if she was competing and training on it for A MONTH!!! Poor Mattie!


I'm in love with her floor routine!!! Love the dance and pretty tumbling!!! Go Mattie!!! Keep going, pleeeseeeee!
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