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So what are everyone's goals for next year? Moving up? Or new skill goals?

For me, I'm going to stay level 7. It's my senior year and I don't want to have to worry about a ton of new skills for 8. (although yurchenkos are seriously fun!!)
I may try a new vault...1/2 on's and variations. If not, I want to get a, if not multiple, 9 on my handspring vault. Bars...I will consider trying giants. Otherwise I want a consistent cast handstand. Beam-I want to stick that series of mine! Nothing else I really want. Floor-I want to work more on my tumbling, so my fun routine(people from all over the state compliment me on it b/c I have so much fun. And I even turned heads from all over the country at Y nats) looks good technically as well. That's pretty much me.
Jun 23, 2008
Ah well because I didn't compete level 9 states due to a back injury I wont be able to move up to level 10. Lame. I have SO many new skills to learn because it is my senior year and my last chance to get college offers. I'm very nervous about that part. Uh I need a release on bars along with a few small things, a completely new vault because I just wasn't turning over my hand front. On beam I'd like to add in a few random skills like an ariel and front tuck. And floor I just need to overall boost up my tumbling and stop being afraid of twisting lol..... I'm not ambitious or anything for this year. Lol. : )
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
For next year I'm not moving up..because I can't (it's complicated), so most of the new skills i want to work on are just for fun, because i cant compete them.

I really want to work on BARS! My bars REALLY need work and i tend to avoid them. :p I need a consistent tight kip that flows well in my routine and isn't like eew. and i want to get my long kip.
on floor i want to get a consistent back full (layout and tucked). And a new good floor routine!
on beam i want to get a consistent backhandspring on the high beam (early in the year). i want to try new dismounts like front full? and if my back allows it i want to work on frontwalkovers again.
and on vault i want to work on half twists again. and work on sticking my vaults.

Next year is also my senior year, but i want to see if i can do university gymnastics. :)


Front walkovers are fun on beam!!

I have no intention of competing after highschool. Really, I'm kind of ready to be done already, but I wan to do this year as a thank you to my coaches and parents who have been so supportive.


Jun 24, 2008
This is my last year as well, since I'll be graduating from college. My main goals are to stay healthy, compete AA at Nationals (NAIGC), and qualify for at least two event finals (preferably bars and floor; I've made bars 2/2 times, beam 1/2 times, and just missed floor both years I went to Nationals). Placing AA would also be nice. My more specific goals: compete a real vault (I'd like to tuck tsuk 1/2 again, but more realistically it'll be a 1/2 on 1/1 or 3/2 off), full start values on beam/floor, upgrade tumbling (to 1 1/2 punch front, whip 1/2 front pike, 1/1), and fix my BHS BHS.


Good luck to everyone!

BTW Even though I said I didn't want anything more from beam, I did a new jump series last night that my coach is insisting I add. Instead of split jump-split 1/4, it will now be pike jump-split jump.

And a front layout could be in my future on floor...
Dec 8, 2007
I'll be a 2nd year 8. I'm getting a new floor routine. No more walking on sunshine!For floor I want to do bounding as my double salto instead of doing the front tuck step out one. I did do some bounding at woodward.I also did some fhs front layouts so that could be one of my passes possibly.I want do a full. Right now its at at least 3/4 or something. Idk I competed a half last year.Beam I'm prolly keeping my bhs bhs unless my coach gets some psycho ideas. I was doing random stuff like the side handstand step down and a half piruoette and a one handed cartwheel and working on new jumps on beam but I don't know what my routine will be.Bars I want to put it a straddle back. I did some straddle backs at camp but I haven't done it in my gym yet.Vault I want to tsuk I flipped a lot into the pitt at camp.It would be cool if I did a fhs double full on vault too but thats not going to happen. We saw a girl do it at event finals at Y nats. BEAST.


This year I will hopefully be a first year level 9.
On vault i'm working my yurchenko which goes from me having it by myself to going back to drills cause somehow I messed it up again!
On bars i'm working on my bling change and pak salto. Lets just say straddle backs and overshoots are out of the question because as of 4 days ago I have faceplanted the bar on both of them! haha
On beam I am working bhs layout to 2 feet, side aerial, and switch side leap. And my coach insists on me doing a straddle jump back tuck but the only problem is I can't do a straddle jump on beam if my life depended on it!
On floor I am still playing around with some ideas. I get a new floor routine this year and I think I am using Assassins Tango:) I don't know if im doing a double back or a double full, or if my crazy coach wants me to, i may have to do both.
Jul 4, 2008
I love watching pak saltos, too. When I see routines at that level without them I'm just horribly disappointed. I haven't paid attention to the COP, I just want fanservice!

I've got a couple goals, starting with the most likely:
Stick with this stuff at least until December, and without getting injured
Pick up skills I have had at some time before in my life (which aren't many)
Make it over the vault table with just a springboard and not a mini tramp, even if it is just to flatback on mats, I'm not getting picky on landings here
Get a bit stronger and more flexible

The less likely, but I still *really really* want them:
Stick with gymnastics for a full year, without getting injured
*Finally* learn a back handspring!
Get over my innate fear of flipping backwards so I can do a back tuck on tramp (I've always been ok with front stuff, since I've got that built in crash mat on my butt, not being able to see my feet when I land bothers me less than not being able to see where I'm aiming when I take off)
Pick up some sort of actual *skill* on beam that is not actually a dance step, preferably on a high beam, preferably enough to combine into a low level routine
Get somewhat stronger and more flexible

The highly unlikely, but would be incredibly cool:
Get sufficiently flexible in the right spots to be able to do walkovers, as a kid I had plenty of friends that could do them that never took gymnastics, but I was never flexible in the right spots to do it myself even with taking classes. Then somehow manage to do one on beam. ;-)
Get enough elements together that it would be possible to compete at the lowest Masters level - beam seems to be the limiting factor.
Convince my coach to actually let me do it, even if she does think I'm completely out of my mind. ("Don't worry, I'll find my own leo, you can pretend you don't know me, I won't be offended...")

Anyone think this is remotely possible for an out of shape 27 year old who (while I'm at least of normal weight for my height) is rather tall and can't even touch her toes at the moment because of genetically short hamstrings?
Dec 8, 2007
I should add to mine that I want to learn a standing back tuck. We're working on new things to add to our beam routines and most people learn a standing tuck. But I like can't do it. Which is weird because by level 8 I should be able to. But everyone was like amazed when I'm like yeah i can't do that. then i showed them and they were like ohhhhhhhh haha


For next year i plan on moving to level 10 and my goals are:

Bars: blind into front giant and maybe a gienger

Vault: yurchinko full

Beam: (my choach sais he wont let me compete 10 unless i have this series) flipflop stepout layout stepout layout stepout (ya its pretty tough) and a front aerial

Floor: triple full, double pike, double back, and front handspring double twist front tuck.

Ya!! i REALLY hope i get all of that. i know its alot of work but im ready and i and very comitted! right now im on the right track for vault and i have everything i want on floor (just onto an 8 incher instead of the real floor) and i have my blind front giant with a spot ( its a little scary but i think and hope it will get more comfortable the more that i do them) and im doing gienger timers into the pit. and on beam i have that series on the low beam. Its pretty scary tho but thats ok...i know that my coach wouldnt push me to do all these new skills if he didnt think that i would be able to learn them! im trying really hard so i hope it will all end in my favor!! :)


Jun 24, 2008
LOL if it makes you feel better, I was a L9, and I couldn't do back tucks on beam either. I worked on them for a little while, but I had some weird technique issue where I'd randomly stop rotating and fall face-first onto the beam. It was always random too; I wasn't even tired most of the time!


Well I made a huge decision regarding next year today.

I told my soccer coach I will not be playing on the team this fall because I've decided to do tumbling as my main sport! So I will be in the gym a lot more often now. Tumbling is absolutely amazing and I've totally fallen in love with it. Right now I can do a bunch of skills, but mostly only on tramp/tumble track and my form leaves a lot to be desired, so I really want to work on it more and make it "gymnast quality" (as opposed to "cheer quality"). I think I can get pretty good at it in a year, and then who knows what will happen when I get to college. So I'm almost looking at it like a once in a lifetime opportunity, since I don't know if I'll be able to continue with it in college or not.

Next week we are having a tumbling camp at my gym, which is going to be so much fun! Tumbling all day everyday, but we will have social time in the middle of the day to kind of break it up a little.


Wow that was a big decision. Good luck with your tumbling, and have fun at that camp next week!
Dec 8, 2007
so I really want to work on it more and make it "gymnast quality" (as opposed to "cheer quality"). I think .

haha no. you def don't wanna be tumbling like a cheerleader. unless its one of those cheerleaders who actually is possibly an athlete and does like double fulls. I respect that kind. I guess.
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