Next year's elite nationals and sort of off topic design question..;.

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Does anyone know where next year's elite "VISA" national championships will be? I can't seem to find that info anywhere. It should be easy to find, if USAG wants to encourage folks to get out to see them next year. I would think a lot more people than usual will be looking at gymnastics websites with the Olympics in a few weeks, seems like a good time to get that information out there.

Also kind of an off topic question, who designs the T-shirts, sweatshirts etc for USAG sold online and at Olympic trials etc.? They could use some updated designs, I thought the options available for T-shirts at the trials were a little lacking in terms of design....lacking the "cool" factor, seemed sort of outdated. The red white & blue zip ups for $70 were cool, but other than that a bit of a yawn..... I expected some amazing design with the Olympics coming up.. I thought the same thing at VISA nationals last year..


From an outsider looking in, why not?? Seems like a missed opportunity to market the 2013 VISA championships... The announcer at the trials (can't remember his name) said something like "Thanks for coming out and for your support and remember the championships happen every year, not just every four years." And I thought to myself, yes, I think we'd think about coming every year since we saw VISAs last year and trials this year, where are they next year? I searched for the info online 3 or 4 times then gave up (until I thought about asking here). When is the city usually announced?


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Sep 27, 2011
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I think they are typically announced by now (last year at Visas, we knew they were in St. Louis this year), but they might be delaying because of the Olympics. I would expect to see something announced after the Olympics are over. That's just my guess though.


Well I supposed the answer is, as it is with many mysteries in life, follow the money trail....


Nov 16, 2006
As Gymmomtoo said, It's usually announced the at the previous nationals (so 2012 Nationals was announced at 2011 Nationals). I THINK it has something to do with Nationals being in June this year, they are typically in August in a non-Olympic year. However, I believe in the past that Nationals have been announced at Olympic Trials....anyone remember? I HAVE seen dates: August 14-18, 2013 (From the Region 6 Summer Newsletter).
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