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Proud Parent
Sep 28, 2021
Hello. My daughters gym recently switched to the new NGA program and they have placed her in lvl 3 as she doesn't have a kip yet. I'm wondering what skills are allowed in lvl 3. Can she go to high bar, back walkovers or front tucks allowed off beam, r.o. backhandsprings or front tucks on floor? We're afraid she is being pushed backwards and won't be able to compete those skills as lvl 3 looks entry level. Is a kip or flyaway absolutely required for 4 or are they allowed to use the x skills on bars only as stated on their rules exceptions page? Thanks!


Proud Parent
May 25, 2012
I don’t know much about NGA requirements, but just wanted to say that it’s normal for girls to compete well below their actual max skill level. My daughter will likely compete 7 this year, but has or almost has her 8 skills and working some 9/10 skills also. The way our coaches explain it is that they want them to compete what they can comfortably do on a daily basis without stress. All that to say that just because she won’t compete say a backwalkover on beam, doesn’t mean she won’t continue to work on it in the gym.
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