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Dec 9, 2019
My gym has decided to switch over to the new organization, NGA. Aside from the fact that no one really knows exactly what it's about, I had a question about the scoring. I'm planning to move up from Xcel Gold to Platinum this year. Although I'm not completely 100% ready (beam & floor are fine but bars is a big struggle - you'll see what I mean in a second), I've been Gold for 3 years and I'm going to be a junior in high school this year, so I really can't stay at that level any longer.
I was looking over the requirements with some of my teammates the other day, and I noticed that a kip isn't required at any of the Xcel levels. This was really exciting for me because the kip was the main reason I was going to struggle to be Platinum, as after so many years of gymnastics I somehow don't have a kip (I know, it's pretty embarrassing and it really holds me back). But I'm wondering if that's too good to be true, or if I'm missing something. So does anyone know if you really could get away with doing a pullover even in Platinum & Diamond? Of course I won't give up on my kip, but it just makes this season look a little more promising.
Also, does anyone know what the deduction for not having a B circling skill in your bar routine is? I heard that according to USAG rules, you would start at a 9.7 if that was all that was missing. I couldn't seem to find out if it would be the same for NGA or not. Worst case scenario, I would end up doing the same thing I did in Gold - a pullover - cast - back hip circle - squat on - tap swing - tap swing - level 4 dismount for my bar routine next year and just taking whatever deductions come with it. Would this really be able to start at a 9.7? It just seems too good to be true. I really appreciate any insight!
Short Answer: Probably 9.2 Start Value with a minimum of a -0.30 extra swing deduction.

If they are anything like USAG, then missing a special requirement is -0.5 ... and the B circling skill is a special requirement. PLUS, you would be missing a B ... so that would PROBABLY mean a 9.2 Start value. Also, in USAG Platinum, there is an extra swing deduction for more than 1 tap swing (extra swing deduction) and I saw that NGA has that listed in Bars deductions as -0.30.
IF you could do "pullover - cast above horizontal - back hip circle - squat on - JUMP TO FRONT SUPPORT - back hip circle - underswing dismount," then you would at least have the required number of elements ... and just be missing the B circling skill ... but NOT getting the extra swing deduction.
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