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Nice vault run video?

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by Mrs. Puma, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Puma Jr has improved her awkward vault run quite a bit, but it still has a long way to go! One of her coaches suggested getting her a running coach, and I have tons of video of my kid obviously, but does anyone have any video or a really nice vault run so the running coach can see what it’s supposed to look like? She’s doing the 1/4 on/repulsion off (RO?) vault right now, so that would be especially helpful if someone had a nice vault run that led into that, but I think the run would be pretty similar even into a FHS vault, right? Thanks in advance!
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  2. Look at level 9,10,elite, front handspring flipping vaults, those have strong runs. If they didn't, they wouldn't be able to get it around.
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  3. Not sure if this will help or not but here is a good video of my DD's vault run (please disregard her "dab" starting pose!!).
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  4. All gymnasts have some habit before their run. I rise to releve, my teammate walks a few steps first and yet another makes a small hop. I honestly have no idea how we get into these habits, we don't teach them
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  5. Thank you! She is amazing! (And I’m totally good with the dab LOL). I assume all vaults need the same run to begin with right? This is good because she’s similar age/size as Puma Jr. Thank you!
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  6. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if higher level vaults needed a different type of run, but I guess it would make sense the actual run is the same.
  7. Fastest runner I have ever had :).
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  8. She’s beautiful! So is it all about speed? Puma Jr’s isn’t super fast, but also it’s just...awkward? I can send it to you.
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  9. Is she doing roundoff entry or front ?
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  10. Just basic front entry. Not like a yurchenko. She’s IGC Bronze so L4/5ish, and will do the same vault for Silver which is L6/7ish.
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  11. I find it interesting that your coach suggested a running coach. Ours has suggested that for a teammate as well to improve speed and power.
  12. Interesting like bad? Or odd?! Don’t get me paranoid! LOL Yes, the Silver coach apparently told her this during her Silver (specialist) session at Regionals. They must have been talking about it in the down time? The poor coach had to get up for an 8am session for one kid to do two events...I was very appreciative! Puma Jr told me about it after and she wanted it, so I made it happen. Did it help the teammate?
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  13. It was suggested that my DD "improve her running technique" this summer. It was also suggested that instead of a running coach I take her to see a sports performance specialist at the Physical therapy center. Her first time was last week, and he seemed to know exactly what was wrong (insert laundry list here) an how to fix it! Her first session she didn't even do much running, just slow jog learning where an how to position her feet! I sure hope it all helps, these habits are so hard to break!
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  14. Interesting as we had never heard of it before so more like "Wow I guess this really is a thing". The teammate went to one session and I think it helped a little. She is going to do more sessions over the summer too.
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  15. The running coach is a PT :) He’s also a strength and conditioning coach, at one point for one of the Detroit Tigers minor league teams. Mama Puma don’t mess around! LOL He’s also a runner (triathlete) himself and I hear is very good with kids. He’s analyzing video now, and is going to meet with her next week. Thank you! I hope it helps too. I hope it helped your DD!
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  16. This is super interesting.

    I majored in kinesiology (with courses in biomech, physiology, etc.) and I find this stuff fascinating. I however chose the route of less-school and pursued a career in sales. But I am always interested in learning about these careers I could've gotten myself into. Please please keep us posted how it goes & what he does to 'correct' her run.

    I'm super curious.

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  17. That turnover is INSANE!!
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  18. For anyone interested, we met with the running coach for the first time today. He thinks he can help her! He took lots of video of her running (mom of the year here forgot her sneakers and we were outside a school...sigh...) and video of her squatting and jumping on each and both legs and some other things. He had some crazy app that showed angles ect and had great slo mo, and he seemed excited to help her. I could see his wheels spinning. He is going to work with her at least twice a week and hopefully she can start Thursday (Thursday of course is my crazy day, so I’m trying to figure out the logistics). So we’ll see! Thanks as always for the support :)
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  19. “You forget running outside requires shoes” sounds like something from one of those “you might be a gymnast if” lists, lol.
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  20. LOL!!!
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