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Mar 3, 2022
Hello! This is my very first post. My nine year old DD had been begging my husband and I to do gymnastics for the last couple of years. DD has no prior gymnastics experience, but has taken ballet for the last 3 years. My DH and I signed her up for a girls beginner class back in January. After 7 weeks in that class, the HC gave her a letter saying that she was ready to move on. I honestly wasn’t expecting her to move on already and when I went to the front desk to ask questions regarding the letter (because it was very vague), I was told she was being moved up to pre-team. I guess my question is, is it normal for a child to move up so quickly? I honestly have no knowledge when it comes to gymnastics. I’m sure I’ll be coming on here often with more questions. Thanks in advance!
I don't know what level pre-team is on in your gym, but pre-team usually means she is on the competitive track. Find out more about how the team works etc by asking her coaches. Possibly due to her ballet background she is more agile and co-ordinated so she catches on faster.
congrats to your daughter! It's not uncommon for older gymnasts who have been in a related sport to go through the rec program quickly. As a dancer, she likely already has good awareness of her body, good form, flexibility and ability to focus and make corrections. Pre-team has different meanings among gyms. For some, it is used as a year to prepare them to compete the initial level (they learn the skills and routines needed for that first level the compete). For others, it is a prep year to get the gymnasts used to team practices, which is usually very different than rec classes, with focus on form, repetitions, conditioning, flexibility, etc
Thanks for your responses! She actually had her first pre-team class a couple of days ago. It was a 2 hour long class, as opposed to the 1 hour long beginner class that she was just in. There was a lot more involved in this class! She seems to love it though.
Congrats!! Sounds like your DD loves it already!! Usually, pre-team is a year preparing to compete. Your coach should be able to tell you how your gym does it : )
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