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Mar 20, 2022
Vault is by far my worst event, I'm training level 10 but my vault is not up to level. I have been training tsuk layouts for over a year now and they have not improved at all. I then switched to tsuk tuck full for a couple months and it was going quite well but me and my coach decided it would be safer to do a layout for at least the first half of season. Anyway it has been beyond frustrating to see zero improvement on my vault. I don't know what to blame. I am improving on everything but vault. Any tips. Advice or personal experiences are very much appreciated, thanks
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My vault actually improved leaps and bounds when I started doing high school track. I think the running technique training really helped me. Vault went from being a huge weakness to a strength. Yurchenkos also worked better for me than any other vault family.
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