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Dec 4, 2007
hey i have an issue with my gymnastics. i have been working on front layouts with a full twist but as soon as i start twisting i can't seem to just go back and do a plain layout. It gets worse and worse and i begin to twist earlier each time. please help!!
Work a half out of a front tuck or front pike. Kick out and turn. This introduces late twisting in the forward flipping skills. Open up those hips out and turn.
Try going back to just a regular front tuck instead of the front layout, and then work your way back up to doing front layout. Try doing front layouts on a trampoline, then do one with a twist, then go back to a plain one, etc. This might help you and your body learn the difference between the two skills and recognize when to do each one. Try not to get frustrated and remember, it's a common problem.
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