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Hi. :D
I'm Emma - I'm A Bit Of A Noob To This Thing!
I Joined After School From Our School Library.. I've Been Meaning To Join For Ages.
This Is One Of The Only Good Websites That The School Internet Server Would Allow Us To Go On! :eek:
I'm A Gymnast - Probly Like Most Of You All! I Live In England & I Go To Pipers Vale Gym.
Please Reply/Post!
Hope You Could Message Mee! ;)

Jan 2, 2008
Bay City, MI
Welcome too the chalk bucket! This site is so great. You can find answers too so many questions. My daughter is a level 6 gymnast. What level are you? How old are you? I have my own account, so does my daughter for this site. She practices 17 hours a week so doesnt get too get on much though. Take Care
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