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My dd is going through test week again and she's kind of bummed out. She felt she got all zero's on all of her skills, although I find that unlikely. She's still struggling with arm strength though. Where would a good place be to find a pull-up bar at a resonable price, and are there any kind that are better than others, as far as safety and ease of installation?

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
There are alot of exercises she can do at home and variety may help with working on the upper body strength. Push ups are good and handstand push ups(hold her legs) really work those arms/shoulders. I think there are already several threads on here about shoulder strength and you will probably find some other ideas. Is she getting any upper body strength work at the gym? You might want to ask the coach about some exercises plus the pull ups that would help her at home.
Sep 22, 2007
Sometimes just encouraging fun activites will help build the strength they need more than putting a home workout routine in place. Playing tug of war, climbing up a rope, wheelbarrow racing, etc. to name a few. My kids like to have bridge races. They get into a bridge and walk all around the house that way. It helps with shoulder strength and flexibility. The few times I tried to get them to exercise at home, they were less than enthusiastic and I backed off. If you do get a chin-up bar's a tip. Start with a reverse pull-up. Start in the up position, (put her up there) and have her slowly let herself down. Then put her back up. Do it that way for a few weeks until she can pull herself up. Then gradually increase reps. This is how people who can't do pull ups get the strength needed to do them.
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