Now it's my turn... what level am i? :P

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Oct 5, 2008
I'm from Wales (in the UK) and we don't have levels like in America but i've always wondered what level i would be on - so as someone else has done in a previous post, if i list my skills could someone give me an estimate of what level i could be on? :D

Bars: back hip circles, squat on, kick up over, 3/4 giant, straddle undershoot, flyaway.
working on upstarts/kips - soo close to it i just can't stay on the bar once i get up there *screams* but i practically have it! xD and i'm starting giants after xmas - should be able to do them though as i used to be able to! Also i don't know the name for it, but you go to do a sole circle but shoot up to the high bar? (can't believe i don't even know the name)

Beam: not my strong point >_< i can do cartwheels, backwalkovers, full spins, tuck jumps, wolf jump, split leap etc... as soon as i can improve my standing flick on floor i'll work on putting it on beam. As a dismount a front tuck or back tuck.

Vault: handspring, handspring half, handspring full. That's about it =/ I'm starting prep for handspring fronts though but definately can't do it!

Floor: for tumbles stuff like roundoff flick flick tuckback, or straight back, on air track i can do half and full twists but i've never tried it off air track.

Hope you don't mind me asking - just i've always wondered :)


It sounds like you would be somewhere between a Level 6 and 7. Level 6 is known as a compulsory level where all gymnasts do the same routine with the same floor music and level 7 is an optional level where everyone has their own choreography but have to have certain skills in them. Hope this helps a bit!

Deleted member 1703

In England they all have choice over their music and routines but I cant tell you how many times I have sat through the Adams Family. Aaaaaaaaaah it drives me bonkers!!
Oct 5, 2008
Yeah the addams family, mission impossible, victory by bond... over and over...!
I have gypsy rhapsody by bond :D not a common one (as far as i know) but really nice :D

When i was younger i used to have disney songs... (before it was banned), and in the British finals we got a whole mark taken off us because the judge 'didnt like our music' o_O (what's not to like about aladdin?!)


When i was younger i used to have disney songs... (before it was banned), and in the British finals we got a whole mark taken off us because the judge 'didnt like our music' o_O (what's not to like about aladdin?!)

Now how is that even remotely fair? There is no way for one music piece to please every judge at every meet. I hope your coach complained.
Oct 5, 2008
I know - and she did complain but there wasn't anything she could do.

I was disappointed - i'd worked really hard and could have scored really well if it wasn't for that.

They find a way to take a mark off us at the British every year... last time i think it was cause a girl had part of her knickers showing at one part. I know you can lose points for that... but a whole mark?
Sep 9, 2007
I didn't know you were Welsh ffliwt!
I'm Scottish :p

You're right about the judges. My friend did a beam routine that was as close to perfect as you can get- all of the coaches agreed, yet the judges had a mark off that no one could work out what for. We eventually agreed it was for not moving in time to whoever was on floor at that point in time's music LOL. Wouldn't surprise me :p

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
For beam and vault you would be a L6-7, for bars you would be at that level if you had a kip. 2 kips are required in the L5 routine, so you're lacking 1 big skill for the US system.
Floor sounds like L5-6 since many of your skills are being done on tumble track right now.

I love Bond music. My older daughter used Gypsy Rhapsody for figure skating and I tried to talk my gymmie into using it---she wouldn't go for it.
Hey im from the Uk and i know all about the music thing lol we have some clubs in our region that only have about 3 pieces so every year all their girls have the same with the same routine its awfull.
and we had a stupid deduction thing cus the clasp at the back of the girls leotard came undone and i got 0.5 taken off every piece in my last comp because i had a non-flesh coloured knee support on... it cost me a medal at F.I.G. i was well annoyed.
Aj x


That flesh rule has been around for ages now. It seems really unfair for you if you didn't know. Your coaches should have told you and made sure you had one. It is their responsibility to make sure you are correctly turned out. I hear you can just soak white ones in cold tea to get them the right colour :)
Oct 5, 2008
Gosh, i knew the scoring system in gymnastics is harsh but i never realised just how harsh it is. Losing marks for music they didn't like, a clasp coming undone on a leotard, a bandage being the wrong colour... what about the GYMNASTICS? :p

I'm not saying the rules shouldn't be there, but when you think about it it's a little crazy!


Everything would be around a L6/7 except you need to get your upstart.

We call the skill were you straddle on and sole circle shoot and catch the high bar, a hiccup.

Some L7's try to get a layout 1/2 or front layout dismount on beam.
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