WAG number of meets this year?

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I'm amazed you all have an idea of your meet schedule! My state hasn't even put out the tentative meet calendar yet- the dates are determined for the bigger invitationals, but my Bronze girls are just doing smaller meets. We will probably do 1 mock meet, 1 in house judged meet, and 3 invitationals plus states.
We don't have a schedule yet, but her coach was telling me about 6-7 then states, which is the same as the old gym was last year. Looking at the meets the new gym did last year, if they do the same, Puma Jr will have a meet on her birthday! That will be exciting!
Mine will do four meets this fall (including state) at level 5. I'm VERY relieved there are so few since January brings lots of meets at level 7 & most will require significant travel.
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Wow, 15 ... We don't have our schedule yet, but (based on past experience), we should have 7 + Y Nationals, if they qualify and want to go to Long Beach, California at the end of June :)
That is a lot!!!
I've been with this YMCA team for 2 years... And we have done 16 meets and 15. It is a very busy comp season with meets nearly every weekend. This year we are adding USAG meets, so we may have more.
High school has five regular conference meets, three invitationals, conference finals, sections and, hopefully, state--so maybe 11 total?
We will have 4 meets +state + regionals (if qualified). This is for xcel silver by the way.
7 Meets plus Sectional and state. It's one less than last year and I'm already looking forward to an extra weekend off!
Supposed to be 6 plus states this year, but the optionals compete starting in January, so we haven't got our schedule yet.
Judges critique + 5 regular meets + states + 1 optional meet that is after states and meant to be fun (resort on a beach). Level 4 fwiw.

This is typical for teams in the area.

Our season starts with the judges critique later this month. First real meet a little over a month away. Hope we have dd new Leo by then.
Compulsories start in September, have 4 in fall (plus states), and 4 in spring (but they are only "expected" to do 6 throughout the year.

Optionals start in January and have 5 plus states (plus a pre-meet in December).
Like 6,000.

Actually her team might just be doing six plus state (and one L5 score out meet). But when looking at it on a calendar, it looks like 6,000.

And my DD's last-ever compulsory state meet is the same weekend as my DS's first-ever meet, and they'll be a minimum two-hour drive apart. And snow in early December is common. Zero stress about that here.
I'm amazed you all have an idea of your meet schedule! My state hasn't even put out the tentative meet calendar yet- the dates are determined for the bigger invitationals

Around here (TN), most gyms put out their dates pretty early to get on people's calendars. Plus most gyms keep their hosted meets to the same timeframe each year in order to entice attendees. Some of the bigger venues (Opryland Hotel, Williamson Ag Expo Center, etc.) need to be booked practically a year in advance to guarantee the location/date, so the date is set really far in advance. As long as your gym knows WHICH meets, the dates are the easy part. DD's gym tends to attend the same meets each year, plus we host 3 of our own.

DD will attend our 3 hosted meets + 4 + potentially 2 state meets = 9 meets.
1 in-house (with judges), 7 regular (3 prelims, 4 invitationals), plus regional and state (assuming she qualifies again). So I'm going to call it 10 for the fall season.
We have 8 total w/o regionals. We have 1 mock meet, 2 home meets, Ozone in TN, Paws 4 a Cause in Atl, states, and the rest gym meets locally. DD really wants to make regionals this year(its in Pigeon Forge,TN), but, I read that Region 8 upped the score to 35.5 for Xcel regionals attendees.
7 invitationals plus states, regionals and nationals (with luck). They're not required to do all the invitationals though. We'll probably do 6 of them.
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