Nutrition & Diet For Gymnasts

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Feb 26, 2007
The following thread is a collection of articles about nutrition, some specifically for gymnasts or ateletes. If you have others to add please PM them to me and I will add them.

Weighing in with Nutrition Nutirion for gymnasts

Healthy Weight and the Olympic Gymnasts at Building Nutrition & Fitness An article about Olympic gymnasts nutriton. Nourishing a young athelete. NUtritonal scoring system. A great concept that makes shopping and eating so much easier. Foods are all rated from 100-1. The best being brocolli at 100 and the worst being soda at 1. I love the concept of food value rather than fat, carbs, calories etc.
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Sep 19, 2008
Dang the NuVal link is busted, I was really curious to see that one. I think the concept of food values far outweighs vague pyramids. I may be too skeptical regarding the topic, but I wonder how much of the food pyramid suggestions are industrially driven rather than scientifically.
Mar 20, 2009
Totally offtopic, sorry for that.-

But Linsul, you are into Ballett and Olympic Lifting? :)


Where's the all ice-cream diet? Hee hee! :) :) :)

Ok, seriously, I'm more aware of eating and eating issues ever since oldest dd has been involved in a production about eating disorders called "Eat: It's Not About Food," which includes an open discussion after each performance with eating disorder experts. (The play already ran, but they will be touring schools, etc, this year. I digress, though . . .)

Anyway, something that struck me that the experts said is that all foods should be neutral. Yes, gymmies especially need to make sure that they are eating substantial, energy-giving foods, and should probably limit sugar intake the day(s) before a meet, but to not focus on it. Basically, keep your home supplied with mostly nutritious food, present appropriate meals as suggested in the articles, and let it be!