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Feb 16, 2008
Tommorrow is the day that I DD and I get to leave for Lake Owen. I am nurse for the week so we need to be there at 1pm tommorrow so we will be hitting the road at 6am. DD's coach thinks that she may have a good chance of getting her kip while we are there as she is getting so close. Whoever has the kip fairy please send her on over to Lake Owen.

Feb 26, 2007
Have a great week Barb, must be fun for you to share your DD's first camp with her.

My girls are off on Sunday for the week.

Let us know how your week goes, that way we can all learn about Lake Owen through you!
Jan 17, 2008
We will miss you by a week! Beetle leaves for camp Next Sunday!

I will try to call the kip fairy and send her to WI. Only if you keep her there and turn her into Piorette fairy for when Beetle is there!
Jul 12, 2007
Wishing all the gymnastic campers lots of fun at their camps!

Barb, Great that you can stay local so that maybe WHEN she gets her kip - you will get to see! :D

The gym we are training at right now has a team of about 16 girls going to Lake Owen the next week (1st week of August) & they are so excited!

:wizard: Sending kip wishes to your dd & pirouette fairy wishes to Beetle! W, do your gymmies have any specific goals or tricks they would like to try?

Hope you guys all have a blast:)


Have fun! Sending the kip fairy and the pirouette fairy out:wizard::wizard:
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