Off to State Games of America tomorrow!

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Taking 8 compulsory gymnasts to State Games of America in Colorado Springs this Saturday, one being my own mojo gymmie (L4). She needs some mojo since she's fighting a cold this week. Need to manage the energy level for this one, since when she runs out of gas it's almost instantaneous. Emergen-C has really helped but it doesn't sustain. We ran a mock meet for them today and vault & bars were great... beam was like a little zombie and floor finished with a head spring, eeek. Other than the ending the routine wasn't so bad. Going to post in the parent/coach's forum for ideas for sustaining energy for a 9 yr old. I have my ideas, but can't hurt to hear other ideas.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Good luck to her. Hope she feels well enough to compete, if she is worse tomorrow though, I would skip it, no need to chance getting injured.


Last night's Opening Ceremonies were AWESOME! Competition tomorrow!

She's down to just a nagging cough, but it's loosening up... still pumping Emergen-C (multi vitamin/vitamin C supplement). Seems to be helping!

Toured the Olympic Training Center this morning. Will post some pics.


How did it go @ SGA, any results or standouts in L4 & 5 ?

The calibre of gymnastics was awesome! 38.0 all arounds and nothing below 9.3 winning the top three medal spots. It was eye opening for many of my own athletes and parents, but that could be a whole other post.

I was proud of my athletes, but they did fall short of my expectations. We've made a lot of progress of our own during summer practices, not to the point of vying for those medalas, but not a lot of that improvement showed up while on the spot. A lot of nerves brought bad habits back.

It will come during our regular season.

As for my Mo, I'm deeply concerned about her. She competed well enough, wasn't miserable, not quite herself but she made it through with her average scores, but a fall on beam that is uncharacteristic. However, as I'm writing from the hotel room, she hasn't been able to shake this cough for a week now. She barely ate anything after the meet, slept from 5:30 last night until 7:00 this morning. We went to have breakfast and she just about passed out on me. I had to carry her back to the room and I have managed to get her to eat a banana, saltines, and watermelon. Going to be on a fluid search here soon. We are just a bit higher altitude, but I have a mom who has nursed a child through pneumonia and is strongly encouraging me to get her checked out. I definitely will, but first we have to get home... a four hour drive.

Will keep you posted.
Feb 26, 2007
Hope all is well with the little one. Nagging coughs should be looked at especially if she is "not herself".


Hope your girl feels better soon, my daughter finally answered her cell this AM and gave me the scoop. The results are now up as well; SGA 2009 Results she was pretty happy.
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