OH My It's finally happened

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I can't believe it!!!

I came in to the Chalk bucket this AM and It's Happened - A miracle in the making!!!!!!

Yes it's true I have my 2nd green square - LOL

and it says I'm almost famous LOL
WTG!! And you thought you could never do it. You just had to set a goal and keep on trying!!
WTG!! And you thought you could never do it. You just had to set a goal and keep on trying!!

New Goal ....

Catch up to Bog's green squares :wave:

Because I want to be the "splendid one to behold" LOL
You want to know how to get more green squares? Well.....post, post some more and then after that post even more. I also think that people liking what you post helps as thanks and reputation add to the squares too.

I love the little statements that come with the squares, they make you feel quite special!

Glad to see so many people getting multiple squares, it's that that makes the Chalkbucket a real community, friends online who visit and talk often.
Glad I read this post because I never even noticed the green squares before and then the fact that they actually say something when you scroll over them.

Huh, new to me (and I've been around for awhile)! I learn something new everyday! :p
whats a green square

If you look to the right of your post at the top you have a bunch of info.

The scales can give reputation (at least that what the great and powerful Bog tells me ;) - Oh and feel free to click on my scales any time - LOL). Then you have info like when you joined, where your from etc.

Then under that you will see little green squares. When you scroll over them you get a cute message depending on how many little green squares you have.

I've also noticed some new icons under the green squares on some of the posters seems you can somehow set up these icons to get IM's if you have certain online servers. Not sure how to set that up though....OH BOG I know you know where that is LOL
To add aim and all of those things, just dig around in your user cp, I think it's under settings or something, but you can add tons of info that you probably should keep private, especially those teens on the board.

Glad you're having fun with the green squares, they have always amused me!
I remember someone asked this on the other thread about the little green squares, but I don't believe I saw the answer. Does anyone know the difference between the light and the dark green squares? Thanks in advance.
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