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  1. One more chance....come on.....
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  2. So happy for him!
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  3. I swear that final took at least a year off my life. (And I think he out-executed Dalaloyan on pbars.) But how sweet!
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  4. YAY! so happy for him!!!!
  5. Very happy for him!
  6. Sam is a heartbreaker in so many ways. So happy for him!!

    I think he should be getting calls from Dancing with the Stars.
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  7. What’s his story? I don’t know the guys at all.
  8. Well, he has been our top guy for years. From MIchigan. NCAA champ, US champ many times over. Always just misses out on the international stage. Tore his Achilles about 18 months ago ini competition.

    Here is an article about him. truly one of the nicest people. Always cheering for others. ALways time for those who look up to him (and their moms lol).

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  9. Thanks for the link! That was a good read and now he has a new fan in me :)
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  10. YAY! We love converting fans to the men's side. They truly are fun to watch!!!
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  11. I don't watch MAG that often but watched event finals and got a short history of Mikulak. Couldn't help but root for this guy! So passionate and it was so great to finally see him get his first medal in the World Championship!!! So deserved it. It was tough seeing him make 4th on several events. Soooo close! And then the high bar!!!
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  12. He did amazing if you think about it. 4th team (in large part due to him), 5th all around, 4th PB, 4th PH, 3rd HB. The medal haul isn't there, but what a great achievement. I hope the monkey is off his back now and great things are still to come.
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  13. I agree. We get focused on medal counts, but really, the men did really well this year.
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  14. They really did do well! The depth of the field was just incredible. I can't remember a more exciting all-around competition for the men! I kept thinking the men's AA was so exciting because no one was making mistakes, and the women's was exciting because they WERE making mistakes, and you weren't sure how either comp was going to end. I woke up this morning sad that I didn't have gymnastics to watch anymore. Lol. It was a fun week.
  15. Lol, Even though he went to *ichigan, I have been a big fan of him for years!
  16. GO Blue
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  17. :p:D:rolleyes::):cool: Scarlet and Gray all the way!
  18. O-H...
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  19. I-O!!! :D
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  20. Big Ten fans are fanatics. I used to say Go Green, but given the past few years, I don’t like them as much. Instead,

    3 cheers for Old Gold and Black. Boiler Up!

    Also, so happy for Sam. Men’s high bar is my favorite of their events.
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