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Feb 10, 2007
my girls are to get a gift for there Secret Santa gifts the cost is 10-15 I think

I was thinkig of gettig nice water bottles and decorating them with the girls names on it and putting some ponys and a cute tshirt (gymnastics from Justice they have some cute ones on clearance) anyhow would that be a nice gift !!
Im thinking it relates to gymnastics and who cant use a fun water bottle !!!
Sounds like a really good idea.My dd always looses her waterbottles,so your right you can never have enough of those.Also if you put their name on mayby they won't get lost so easy.
Tshirts and ponys you can never have enough of either.
Our secret santa had to give small gifts,up to $2.00 twice a week for the last 2 weeks and when they have their xmas party has to bring a bigger gift for about $10.00.My dd loves it.
My dd had her team Christmas party last night - a sleep over at the gym. They had also chosen secret Santa's. They got things like WebKinz, Bobby Joe sweatshirts, littlest pet shop - they all had a blast. I don't think anyone got anything gymnastic. Several other mom's and I stayed all night as well. We had fun getting to talk to grown-ups for hours, uninterupted.
That sounds like a good idea. I've done that for my son's B-day parties too as goodie bags. You can never have too many water bottles! My DD's team did a secret Santa also. The price was 20-25 dollars. I wasn't sure what to get either since our team girls range from 6-11 in age. Our last meet was a HUGE one in NY state and had several vendors there. I ended up buying a nice silver necklace that had a "I love Gymnastics" on a silver heart for exactly $25. I wrapped it in tissue paper and stuffed it into a small Christmas Stocking. The girls that got it likes it very much. My DD wasn't so lucky in the exchange, got a gift card for a store. She cried & I was embarassed. Being 6 yrs old it is all about opening something up, she doesn't understand gift cards yet, LOL! But another un-happy exchanger (older girl) traded with her and she ended up with a Webkins and she sleeps with it everynight so all's well that ends well.

Now that I know this event is coming up each year at the team party I will make sure I check out some of this gymnastics merchandise at the November meets.
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