OK I think Ive lost my mind! i have never done this

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Coach/Proud Parent
Proud Parent
My higher levels have been working so hard. Unfortunately theres a Lot of coughing, running noses ,tiredness and soreness going on with missing some practices.. The gym is closed on Halloween this Friday so I told them to take Saturday off as well to regroup , rest have family time and come back Monday strong. I am not canceling practice for any other levels saturday and all coaches will there as usual but I am strongly recommending taking the weekend off. As I am always preaching about attendance this comes as a shock to all. I do think it will be beneficial and would like to avoid injuries at all cost.( One mom asked if Ive been drinking)
Good for you. I think that may be just what they need to come back well rested and rearing to go.
I think that is a wonderful idea, and more coaches need to do that sorta thing more often. You're showing that you care that your gymmies get plenty of rest and don't get injured. Kudos to you! :)
Good for you! If your area is anything like mine, there's a lot going around. I'm sick, a lot of our kiddos at work have been out sick. And rest is very important to stay healthy, get healthy, or just plain stay sane. I think you're doing a good thing teaching them that sometimes it is OK to relax and have a day off... too many people are waaaay too busy nowadays.

I think that is wonderful. I understand the need to be at practice - especially during meet season. But, there are exceptions and I think you have done the right thing (whether you were drinking or not :D ).

DD's last meet did not go great for her team (none of the levels). DD did ok and came in 2nd AA, but EVERYONE'S scores dropped. Normally if they have a good meet they do not have practice the Monday after. Well, that Mon morning DD asked if she would have practice. I told her that judging from the meet yes. She said "But we have had 4 meets in a row. I know we didn't do as well but I think we are all just tired. I feel like I need a break." I emailed HC and told her DD would not be there. my DD never asks not to go to practice and usually has to be dragged out at the end. So, if she says she needs a break, she needs one.

Sometimes I think we have to look at the bigger picture. If the kids start doing worse instead of better after practice after practice... or a bunch have colds etc. I think that a couple days off is the best thing you can do.

KUDOS to you for thinking outside the box and giving them what they really needed.
You have not lost your mind, you are treating your gymnasts like human beings! Sometimes coaches can lose sight of that, so, good for you!
Good for you!!! So glad you paid attention to the girls and noticed it was time for a break. Probably a much deserved one for you too.
I agree! We actually had gym on Halloween, but only a few people came.

We're a bit more lax (YCMA), but our coaches tend to let us leave early, especially when we have HW and such.
Thanks for the support. I was struggling with this as their first meet is in 2 weeks and I didnt want any parent complaints but, the mom in me won out!( and no I wasnt drinking):p
Thanks for the support. I was struggling with this as their first meet is in 2 weeks and I didnt want any parent complaints but, the mom in me won out!( and no I wasnt drinking):p
You know, you can always rely on those excellent Mom instincts!
Thats good. If only you could tell my coaches that :) My coach sometimes does that during the one or two weeks that everyone has the flu during the winter. not for the whole week but for a day or two because there are about 6 coaches and then only like 4 gymnasts
As a parent -- Im always thankful for more daddy-daughter time. And to give dd time to do other important things... like clean her room! Learn multiplication tables, PLAY with friends, etc. all good things.

Beneficial - absolutely.

I can't speak from the gymnastics side, but as an amature woodworker -- it often pays dividends for me to stop working - step back - and give myself a little time away from the task at hand. This moment of pause clears my head and allows me to relax. And all too often -- the questions and challenges that I have for myself about the project always get answered during this downtime. I can easily see an athlete applying the same calm-thought to her own skills building.
Yay !!! for a great coach!! :applause:

It seems like my dd, if she for some strange reason misses a few practices she does better when she comes back.
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