Ok, I'm ready for meet season to be over

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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
(I swear I already posted this thread, but I can't seem to find it)

We're getting ready for states, which means we're doing nothing but routines, routines, routines. My girls are complaining, because they're bored with these routines and want to work new skills.

What it comes down to is that they're more interested in challenging themselves than in scoring well at meets. I think this is wonderful! This is how, in my opinion, everybody should approach gymnastics, and I'm really proud of them for taking this view.

But I can't tell them that, because I need them to quit complaining and buckle down and get to work.

Anybody else ever feel like this?
My coach would make up challenges for us...

everyone in the group has to make the first half of their bar routine in a row (coach randomly picks order, such as picking names out of a hat). Then have everyone make their 2nd half, and finally a full routine.
Same state, so same calendar. Yeah, States start Friday. But we haven't overloaded on routines. My daughter has been picking up new skills throughout the days/weeks. Every day is different, so it's hard to summarize. One day they were judged, so practice was simulated meet-setting warmups and then competition. When that was over, did some new-ish tumbling, beam, bars stuff. Another day was half routines, and when some number was done to satisfaction, then work on the skill that's next up for that girl. Another day was partial routines, and maybe 10 min each rotation on new stuff. Nothing dramatic or risky, but stuff that kept them excited. This kind of thing resulted in DD getting one skill good enough to swap it into her routine and swap out an element she liked less well.

Haven't heard any complaints about too many routines. Of course, if things don't go as well as each hope, then they can say there shoulda been more routines and less other, right? Always something to second guess!
I can't wait for meet season to be over either but for a different reason. My daughter gets to finally start Level 4 practices once States is over and she cannot wait. She is bored to tears doing the same stuff over and over again and wants to learn the routines already! LOL! She keeps asking me when does she get to start Level 4 practices. Probably this time next year she'll be bugging me to STOP practicing the routines. :)

Yes...that is the mood of many of the optionals right now. My dd says she is ready for level 8 to be over...I said, "you have two pretty impt. meets coming up":eek: I admire the coaches, it must be challenging to keep them going until the state meet. It will be a relief when this weekend is over.
Amen to that! Gymbabi has state tomorrow at 10 AM. After that we are done for the season unless she by some fluke makes it to regionals with a really high score. :D

That must be a real bummer having the kids complain like that but I get where they are coming from. routines routines routines do get boring...I am a gymnast and every class I want to learn something new...I know like that would happen but maybe throw in some fun games that don't have to do with routines! I went to a camp at a competitive gym and one of the coaches had us make like full-turns and cartwheels and backwalkovers and stuff then we could play a game. (we were on beam) and we had to have the whole team do it...it was fun! :)...i hope your team did well!
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