Ok, this does look fun, but...

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Aug 17, 2011
How long before there's an accident? Before the end of the summer holidays?


They'll either need a lot of very good, disciplined staff, or keep the numbers right down.
the waiver is there, right on the title page

Participant Agreement, Release and Assumption of Risk

1. The participant wishes to participate in the activities organised by Gravity Force Limited (CRN08448565) (“the Company”) whose registered office is at Moonlight, Beech Avenue, Camberley, England, GU15 2JT.

2. The participant acknowledges that their participation in the activities provided by the Company entails known and unknown risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death or damage to themselves to property or to third parties. The participant further acknowledges that the activities provided by Gravity Force Limited require a reasonable level of fitness and ability.

3. The participant acknowledges that they have been provided with the necessary safety instructions by the Company in relation to the activities and warrant that they will comply with these at all times whilst on the premises from which the activities will be carried out.

4. The participant acknowledges that they are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others whilst partaking in the activities. They understand that the activities maybe undertaken without direct supervision following safety instructions and agree at all times to ensure that they wear any protective equipment provided by the Company and to ensure that they comply with any instructions given at any time during the activities by staff members of the Company.

5. The participant warrants that they will only carry out moves and tricks that are within their ability level and of which they are able to retain control of at all times. Moves and tricks are performed at the Participants own risk.

6. The participant warrants that they comply with any height, weight, age restrictions that maybe in place by the Company from time to time. The participant acknowledges that if they do not comply with any height, weight, age restrictions or any other requirements put in place by the Company from time to time they may not be able to partake in the activities.

7. The participant warrants that they do not have any medical condition or have not had a medical condition which may make them partaking in the activities dangerous, increase risk of injury to them or others, or make it more likely that they will be involved in an incident which could result in injury during the activity.

8. The participant acknowledges that the Company is not liable for damage or loss to them, third parties or property however incurred whilst undertaking activities or on the premises belonging to the Company.

9. The participant expressly agrees and promises to accept all risk existing and subsisting in the activity and acknowledge that their participation in the activity is voluntary and that they elect to participate despite of the risks. The participant releases and agrees to indemnify the Company, together with its equipment suppliers and manufacturers, from any and all claims demands or courses of action which are in any way connected with the participation in the activities.

So - Beware all ye who enter here then !
I went to one of these close to where I live (Australia). They are everywhere here now. I was surprised at 1) the lack of training of the staff (most had no gymnastics/ trampolining experience at all). 2) the amount of people allowed into the space at once. 3) the fact that kids - there was a 2 ish year old running around - are allowed on at the same time as the teens/ adults. This little child kept running in front of me while I was backwards tumbling ie couldn't see him. Freaked me out a few times which is not good if I'm mid air. The place has reminders everywhere for participants to keep within their skill level blah blah (yeah right!?!).

That been said, I had a ball! It was really fun. It's the first time I've used a tumble tramp (they weren't really around when I competed). Makes tumbling so much nicer! I'll be going back sometime but I'm well aware of safe trampolining etc!

I also found it strange that all the staff were in awe of what I could do which wasn't terribly fancy. Made me laugh that I was the showstopper of the day!
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We have had one en in our area for a week and a half. The number of injuries sustained in that week and a half have been phenomenally high. I suspect it is worse at the moment as we are not only dealing with the normal risks of a trampoline park but also the fact that all staff are obviously new and inexperienced. This is another important factor to consider, these staff have been watching things go wrong for a week, certainly not long enough to have the knowledge to prevent injuries.
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Oh it's quite near us, overhead one of the coaches saying he had been. You would think they would run different sessions for different age groups. DD would love it but I would be concerned that she would be squashed by a teenager.
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If I'm honest, I'd love to go, and I bet my kids would too!

I've seen what gangs of teenagers can do let loose in gyms and swimming pools though, and it's hell. Even in an adult gymnastics session they manage to hurt themselves frequently, and that's with coach supervision, low numbers and only one tramp. It's all the other idiots like that that would scare me.

But if I could rent the place and take a few kids and adults who knew gymnastics/trampoline rules…..
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Disappointed that the party offering is not great. Will find out how much exclusive use of a bit of it costs.
There's also a bit in the safety about "single flips are permitted, if you are confident". I wonder if they'll limit the skill level, especially in public sessions. For gymnasts it usually means they get bored pretty quickly, when they can't do doubles into the pit, or ROBHS BT on the mini tramp thing…

I hadn't looked at the price Margo! That is expensive. Plus £1.50 for special socks. DD2's weekly tramp lessons are only £5 an hour (and we're in a very expensive area). No brainer for me, I'll spend the money on her lessons…

Please Floppycat, ask how much hire is :) I'd be interested to know...
It looks amazing but concerns are too many kids all on at one go and kids getting in the way of others who are doing harder skills/tricks. I think the kids would love it but it is an accident waiting to happen. I know all the girls my daughters train with would love to go as a group outing - but not sure the coaches would approve!!!!! I think it would be great as a party if you had exclusive access - I also guess as its fun and not training girls would likely throw some skills and not be fully concentrating so that would worry me - that said I want a go!!!! :)))))
Took my girls here over the weekend and they had a great time :D! Was very pleased that parents can get right up close, and close supervision is encouraged by staff...was a bit concerned about my poorly coordinated 5 yo lol!

Was also pleasantly surprised by how considerate people seemed to be, there were a few adult male gymnasts who were very patient and cautious with younger ones around. Older DD spent most of the hr on the tumble track showing off :rolleyes: was VERY pleased with herself when she managed 8 backflips in a row. And my not-so-sporty little one had loads of fun too!

A bit of a drive for us, and only an hour long session but definitely worth it as a treat every now and then. Can be used as bribery for good behaviour from now on :p
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DD went at weekend, had a fab time. Gymnasts are fine, however I did not like the mixed ages. Frrom very young to adults all in same session.

My youngest will not be going, unless maybe on inset day when quieter.

Looked fun though
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Have you seen the new one in Wales - in a slate mine? I saw it on the news last week. Three massive trampolines suspended in a cavern.

My first thought was 'wow that looks such fun'. My second thought was 'I wonder if it's safe'. My third thought followed pretty soon after and was 'I want a go'. There was another thought forming about something breaking but I forget what it was...
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I saw that it looks amazing. And they have the longest ever zipline. I really want to go and try it out. It looked pretty well organised when I looked at the article.
I thought it looked well organised too and like nothing I've seen before. I think it opens on 4th July and I definitely want a go.
We have something similar here and my dd has been 2 or 3 times. She isn't fond of it though. Every time I've been, once of my kids has a bloody nose or some other sort of injury in the first 5 minutes...
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