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I quit gymnastics my freshmen year of hs and I was a level 7/8. I then quit cheerleading due to them pushing me too hard to do tumbling passes I was uncomfortable doing on a hardwood floor. And being a gymnast, I know my limits:) I then got back into the gym in the middle of my sophomore year of hs. I am almost 17 years old and am starting my junior year next week and I just feel like I am too old to be a level 7. I have got level 8/9 tumbling skill sbut everything else is 7. There is another girl in the gym who is 13 and same level. I cant help but feel jealous. I love gymnastics but I can't help but feel out of place...i guess? Does anybody else have this problem?
I feel the same about the younger girls on my team who are like 8-11 and at the same level. I hate that they have so much time left in the sport, and it just feels like i dont. Theres nothing that you can really do then just focus on yourself, be happy with where you are right now and stop concentrating on being the older then her. Good luck!
i am almost 17 and level 5. I do have this problem but i just think that i am here to have fun it doesn't matter how old i am. Believe me i would love to be in level 7 it would be a dream that will probably never come true.
Age has nothing to do with level. There are lots of people in their 20's and 30's whop are level 3-5's so you are certainly not too old for your level.

I think it's great that you decided to get back into gymnastics, just enjoy the process of learning skills again and don't worry about whether you are a 7 or an 8.
I'm 13 and a level 4, but does that matter to me? No! I love gymnastics and that's that! At fist I was making really really slow progress, after starting at a bad gym and switching to a great gym, and now I'm making amazing progress, getting a new skill or trying something new almost every class! I don't care that there are 9 year olds that are in level 5 at my gym. I love gymnastics, and that's what matters. ♥
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I am one of said gymnasts in their 20's and 30's, and I am about a lvl 3-4 right now. Don't let it bother you that there are younger that are better, there will always be someone who is better, or younger. And you're not running out of time in gymnastics-people do it even into their 50's and 60's, maybe not to the extent that can be done when you're younger, but again, you're not running out of time :) Have fun with it!!!
Age/level buddies!!!

I used to worry that people would think I was a bad gymnast because I was level 5 and already 14 years old. This was made worse because my age group at meets was never more than 6 people, and I was the oldest in my practice group by several years. However, now that I'm a level 7, 16 years old (will turn 17 during the season), I realize that I'm not that unusual.

There are plenty of later-teenage level 7s. Last year there were THREE 16-years-and-up level 7s on my team! One of them had many injuries, but the other two simply couldn't get their bar skills to move up. This year they've all moved up or graduated, but I now get to work out with a bunch of girls close to my age in optionals, as well as younger kids whom I adore and have lots of fun with. I barely feel any of the age pressure I used to feel.

Don't worry about the 13-year-old. You know what? You have to work twice as hard because you ARE older and taller and more of a woman than a girl. But you can still do a lot of cool skills, especially those upper-level tumbling passes. You have to work to your own limits and your own goals, and enjoy the time you have left in USAG!
I do feel kind of out out place among my teammates that are the same level but a few years younger than me, but I adore them and enjoying being with them rather than people my own age, so feeling uncomfortable is no longer an issue.
I feel the same, I'm training 6 and I'm 14 and my teamates are 9 - 11 and at first I felt out of place but it just made me realize I have to work harder because I love gymnastics and I have no reason to feel upset but sometimes I let it get to me because when they're doing bhs on beam, I'm still perfecting my bwo :(
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