Parents Olivia's mill circle...Finally!

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Olivia finally has her mill circle! Luckily she has only competed twice without it! She has her third competition this weekend then one more before states. She was estatic when she finally did it! Her face was priceless! It took her longer to learn this skill than any other so far, so she really apprecites having it! I have a video of her doing it. Here it is:

YouTube - Olivia's Mill Circle...Finally!

She's also been working on her kip and she is real close.(although she doesn't need it any time soon) And she is climbing rope in straddle - no legs!:eek: I will try to get of video of it some time this week or maybe next since it's the week before competition and they'll probably just run rountines all week. And of course I need to get her ROBHS on video as well. Thanks for watching!
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she is lookin good!! way to go Olivia I think my oldest dd was just getting it then of course she got the cast.
anyhow thanks for sharing th video and way to go kiddo!!!
She is awesome! Tell her congrats on getting that tricky mill circle. :D
woooHOOOO Olivia! That was beautiful! Good luck in your next meet!
Send the fairy this way, please!!:rolleyes:
Thank you all so much for all your nice comments! Madigym, I will be sending the fairy your way, right a way! The mill circle is such a a riduclous skill if you ask me. I don't know much about gymnastics but I must say it's needless. After Level 4 you will never need it again. Some girls never even bother with it. Liv has spent soooo much time on this skill. I am just glad it's finally on to the next obstacle....the pesty front hip circle! They haven't even introduced that skill yet. Hopefully it's relatively similar to mill circle......or maybe not:confused:! I guess more will e revealed in the next few weeks.
Congrats to my little Liv :D. She is already doing it so well!!! Beautiful job!

(btw, I absolutely despise that skill LOL)
Congrats to her!! That was a hard one for my dd to get. That's great that she almost has her kip. My dd has been battling that one as well! Thanks for sharing the video!
Good job Olivia!! Thanks for posting the video. This was also the skill that took my dd the longest to learn.
Good Job Olivia. My dd did not have a hard time with the mill circle, it was the stupid shoot through of her leg before the mill circle that always tripped her up!
Congrats Liv! That was a tricky one for DD1 to get. I think she still doesn't have it:p
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