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I ordered an XO laptop through the G1G1 (give one get one) programme before xmas. Has anyone else got one? It runs on linux, which is new to me, I have only dabbled in Mac and Windows and never programmed anything more than my VCR!

The concept is great, it is small light and oh so funky looking, it also has given the kids and understanding of how much we have, as these computers are designed for third world children who have no access to the internet and regular, expensive computers.

I'd love to hear if anyone else has one.
Is that one of those computers where you have to like pedal or turn a crank to charge the battery? I'm gunna take a guess that if its for poor kids that it is probably easy to use.
I think the future idea is that it will be able to run off crank, you know the dynamo effect. But, right now mine works like any other laptop.

Easy to use, I am not sure about that, it uses LINUX as its operating system. For people used to Windows or Mac OS's it is a whole new ball game. Installing programmes is very different. I have actually had to input commands as root user, if you understand that you'll understand why the XO is not really easy.

I think the idea is to introduce the bacics of computers to poor third world countries. The computers link together even without wifi connections, this will allow groups to work together on projects and a teachers to help her students even some what remotely.

It will surf the web if there is a wifi connection available, I can go and surf in starbucks for free.

The low cost I think was the main factor, $200. That and all the software on it is freeware. It has a built in webcam, but as yet I haven't found a programme that supports it online. It is definitely in the beginning stages, but it is amazing for such a tiny thing.

Measures only 7"x9" and is cute as anything, will be so much fun for travel once I can work out which messenger system I can run on it.

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