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Our gymnasts schools all have different requirements.

Schools are still open, but you are only allowed to send you child to school if both parents have to work outside the home and no one is available to supervise your kids, and even then only on days where this would be the case. Also vulnerable children are allowed to attend school (those who are in care or who have a juvenile justice order). 80-90% of the kids are required to learn from home.

Those who attend school are not having class instruction per say, they are being supervised to do the same online learning as the other kids on computers at school.

Some schools just send home the work for the week and the kids do it, most require the kids to sign in at a certain time and upload work, some are doing online teaching. Many schools chose not to do the direct online teaching due to privacy concerns, seeing into kids homes etc.

If we were allowed to open, it would be very tricky to do daytime lessons. Too many of the schools are requiring kids to be signed in an working throughout the day.
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Well, despite earlier statements, our governor didn’t even include gyms of any sort in phase 1, so looks like at least 3 more weeks for us.
It looks like as of yesterday our county is phase 3 for youth sports and gyms/fitness. At least 14 days per phase and no indication of start time for phase 1 other than the state starts to open Monday so I'm hoping no later than Monday. :(
I haven’t heard any of the State schools mention the privacy issue, so far it’s only been some of the private schools. But in Australia 40% of students attend private schools, so we are dealing with many different types of schooling.
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