Olympic Trial Leotards

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Why do the athletes at the trials have different leos on? why do some have the same leo and others like nastia have the only leo like the one she wore. shayla was the only one wearing the pink, but nastia has worn that one alot before. is a seniority thing, or what? Nastia was wearing the white adidas one that she wore at the photo shoot for vouge magazine. Shayla was wearing the pink leo that nastia always used to wear... Do they get to pick from a specific list of team leos, or do they design their own... idk? I thought only nastia had this leo?

I love this leo! Nastia is a flawless beauty in white. Most would look pastey in this, but she's obviously been tanning this season.

THis leo that shawn is wearing was wore last night by her, alicia, jana, sam, darlene hill. i think thats it

This leo was worn last night by chellsie, mattie larson, corrie lothrop, chelsea davis, mackenzie caquatto, and alania johnson

here is the magazine article from april vouge.. the picture is awesome! ( did u notice leo is the same as nastia's last night)
Apparently , from another board, the girls were allowed to choose from certain GK suits, so any number of them could have the same ones. I seem to remember that they got two warm up and two comp suits each.
When you make national team, you are given the current set of leotards (competition and practice) and warmups. For most international meets, you are also given additional national team leotards. When the girls go to a regular international meet, they get together among themselves, their team leaders and often Kathy Kelly and find out what leotards they all have in common and pick which one to wear.

For instance, the day after the Championships, the national team and trials gymnasts went to a fitting where additional leotards were given to them (some girls were new to national team and received leotards for the first time). No new styles were given out, but the gymnasts were measured and their collection was added to - depending on their individual needs.

The gymnasts were able to pick among the competition and practice leotards they had been given to wear for Olympic Trials - their choice.

There are also clothing restrictions for sponsor-compliance (nothing significant and depends on the meet) that are told to the gymnasts before each meet and camp.

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