Olympic Trials Broadcast Schedule

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Awesome! Thanks for posting!
I hope NBC shows a little of everybody and not just like 3 gymnasts the whole time like they usually do...

Rec Coach

I wish WCSN actually worked so we could see the whole competition! I watched last year's worlds online and it was awesome! But their service appears to have gone downhill very quickly.


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Feb 26, 2007
WCSN can only pick up competitions that haven't been bought by another network. Sad isn't it, their coverage was awesome, plus they archives the meets so you can watch at your leisure or rewatch later. There are also blackout issues, as in only certain countires are legally allowed to see certain meets, that is nothing to do with WCSN, but to do with TV networks in the host countries or again if a big network has picked it up.

Live internet is an awesome way to watch meets, I saw a ton of NCAA that way this year. The commentary is more fun too.
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