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united team girl

:eek:I am really scared. I’m not sure I can do my giants. I know that I can I just hate the feeling of going in a circle around the bar. I can’t talk to my parents about this because they know I can do it. But they aren’t the ones that actually have to do it. I hate when they do this but I have to keep in mind that they trust me and they know what im capable of. They have high expectations of me and so do my coaches. Im never the one to cry at gym. Last time I tried giants I closed my shoulders:eek:. But that was when I had two guy coaches spotting me. Now I have a girl and a guy because the head coach is on a trip. But I trust this guy a lot and my girl coach. So I really have nothing to be afraid of:). Any advice??? :confused:
Dec 8, 2007
If you have two people spotting you don't be afraid. Your coaches obviously know you can do them or they wouldn't let you be doing them. If you are trying them on the real bars maybe ask them if you can go back to the single rail or strap bar for a while! GOOD LUCK!


Go For It Girl!

get 2 or even 3 spotters, you can do it! if your coaches are letting you do it ( like gymgymgymnast said ) then they know your ready. GOOD LUCK!

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Once you get the hang of giants, they are unbelievably fun. It is indeed scary as you start going around the first few times, but once you get over that initial fear, I'd say giants are more fun than just about any other move in gymnastics.


Your coach would not be asking you to try the skills if he/she didn't think you were ready. But giants are certainly a very scary skill the first time around. Since you've got multiple spotters, don't worry about the technique much on the first one. Keep your body in a tight handstand and let your spotters do most of the work. I closed my shoulders on my first giant, too, so for the next few I focused exclusively on keeping my body in a straight handstand position. This way you'll learn that you're going to make it over just fine. Even with using very little technique to get yourself over, your spotters will keep you safe. Sometimes that's what you've got to do to get over the fear. Then gradually start working on the correct tap and getting over using more of your own power as you gain confidence.

Good luck! Giants are a really fun skill once you do get them!


okay you have to just DO THEM and keep doing it over and over. When i was learning it i always thought i was going to peel off of the bar (granted i did a couple of times) but now i can't even imagine being afraid of giants.
Oct 15, 2007
i'm just starting them too, but my problem isn't goin around, it's that the bars are super close and we can't open them up any bc it's at the farthest setting. i hit my feet on tap swings! lol. so its pretty stressful. but you'll get it.

united team girl

Well thanks everyone!!! I would be glad to do them on the strap bar but i fractured my wrist a long time ago but didnt know and my growth plates in my right wrist is hurting bad when i get on the strap bar. :(
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